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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Wakeboarding has become one of the upcoming waterskiing sports in the Philippines, with parks opening all over, from Clark to Camarines Sur and Cebu.


It definitely isn’t an easy skill to master, as you’re being pulled rapidly against the water with only a rope to help you keep balanced. Especially for first timers, getting that first basic wake jump while avoiding falling is a challenge.


Watching professionals perfect those Powerslides, Heelside 360s and Ollie Blind 180s can be intimidating, but that never stopped 21-year-old Eduardo Paolo Espinosa Rondain from spending at least two days a week in Lago De Oro, Batangas to perfect the craft.


The son of doctors—Makati Medical Center’s chairperson of nuclear medicine Peppon Rondain and psychiatrist Liza Rondain—Paolo is currently in his fourth year at Far Eastern University, majoring in Business Economics.


Looking up to two successful parents inspired Paolo to dream bigger, even at a young age. His ambitions have led him to try different things at several points in his life, which has led him to become a determined professional wakeboarder.




A career in this field isn’t easy to handle at this age, since it entails having to travel all the way to his favored wake park, as well as juggling everything with being a good student, son and

COLORED striped dress shirt, black jeans, gray sneakers, Forever 21 Men

brother to his sisters. He gets great support from his family, as they constantly encourage him to never hesitate when it comes to reaching for his dreams.


Paolo’s efforts and hard work have definitely paid off, as he’s already been offered sponsorships from The Board Shop, Cebu Wakepark and international brand Humanoid Wake South Asia. HWSA recently flew Paolo to Singapore and signed him on as their ambassador to represent and ride for their company.


This is only the beginning for his wakeboarding career; you can only imagine how far he can go  in the years to come.


If you don’t spot Paolo in board shorts, ready to get on his boots and board, you’ll probably see him ready to  shoot his next gig. Not only is this student-athlete rising in his wakeboarding career; he has also been successful in the videography world.


Teaming up with his sister Luisa as his manager, they set up Paolo E. Rondain Productions back in August 2012. Covering proms and graduation balls, debuts and the like all throughout the metro ever since, the two have been working side by side, documenting and editing events together, keeping in mind that “every person has a story to tell, so it’s our job to capture it on film.” They continue to grow bigger and more successful as freelancers, running a company at such a young age.

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There’s definitely a lot going on for this driven, family-oriented boy. He has achieved a lot for someone in his early 20s, and continues to work for greater things. Paolo sees himself making it big in the wakeboarding scene, as well as traveling more as his job takes him further out into the world.


Photography Reuben Madlangbayan

Styled by Blanche Guarino (assisted by Elvin John Roxas)

Grooming and hairstyle Mark Crawford

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