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OCTOBER 27, 2022

FREEDOM charm, joy charm dotted with crystals, green-hued prosperity charm
Model and fashion blogger Kim Jones is in the mood for love; prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is passionate about ballet.

There was a time when every other woman wore a charm bracelet full of dangling golden charms. Each charm represented a special moment in her life, whether it be her first foreign trip, her engagement or the birth of her child. After a while though, charm bracelets seemed to lose their favor, and many of them were tucked away.


Enter Pandora. With charms that looked like silver beads, the brand appealed to women who preferred jewelry that didn’t clink or clank against their wrists. As managing director of Lucerne Group Emerson Yao told Inquirer Lifestyle, Pandora is popular with elegant, more low-key clients.


He described the brand that they exclusively distribute as “a gifting brand,” where a man can buy additional charms for his wife, mother or daughter if he knows they already own a Pandora bracelet.


Exceptional women


“These women have proven themselves to be exceptional in their different fields. They don’t need to announce that they’ve arrived because they’re already there,” he said.


For them, Pandora has come up with an Essence Collection of symbolic charms and a slender sterling silver bracelet. Unlike its predecessor, the new bracelet can only be used with the 24

Pandora’s health charm has the curves of a pumpkin

charms that represent a personal value. These can be honesty, courage, compassion or the 21 other values made with gemstones or manmade stones, cubic zirconia or ornamental sterling silver.


The sterling silver bracelet, which comes in sizes 16-21, features the signature rounded barrel clasp with engraved Pandora logo.


At the launch held recently, four “women of true essence” were identified and feted: successful bag designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan (prosperity), lawyer Karen Jimeno-McBride (wisdom and courage), bride-to-be Kim Jones (love) and prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde (passion).


“Prosperity is having a dream, a goal, a vision—and being joyful while working to achieve it,” Alunan said, adding how “sharing and creating a bigger pie for everyone to partake of enables one to prosper.”


Jimeno defined wisdom as “acknowledging that you don’t know everything. It means you are always open to learning and continually growing.” She said that courage is not the absence of fear, but “taking that fear and overcoming it.”


FREEDOM charm, joy charm dotted with crystals, green-hued prosperity charm

Popular model and fashion blogger Jones is getting ready for her altar date with fiancé actor Jericho Rosales. As such, she feels she is surrounded by love. “Love is everywhere. You can see and feel love in a conversation, in a smile, through a kind gesture. We just need to look for it,” she said.


When it comes to ballet, Macuja-Elizalde is a known perfectionist. “My passion is dance. It’s my commitment and intense love for classical ballet,” she said. “Because I love what I do and am very passionate about my art, it doesn’t feel like work for me.”


The Essence Collection from Pandora is now available at Greenbelt 5, Bonifacio High Street Central, Newport Mall, Shangri-La Mall East Wing, Podium Mall, Elemento at SM Aura, SM Mega Fashion Hall and Century City Mall.