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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A lot of people speak of reality as if it were something undesirable in life.


Oftentimes we hear comments like “you have to face reality… that’s how it is.” That’s a phrase seldom, if rarely, used to describe a wonderful blessing, a celebration or even a new and glorious day. Reality, in today’s world, is all about facing problems, obstacles and other burdensome obstructions.


Well, I have a different take on reality. Our own personal “realities” are definitely self-created and, therefore, the negative realities that we speak of are just a part of a bigger reality that can be wondrous, magnificent and celebrated.


Positive thinking


Why not try being an optimist for a change, like believing all things are working together for good despite appearances on the contrary? This positive attitude ultimately brings positive results.


The Law of Sowing and Reaping works not only in terms of deeds alone, but begins with our thoughts and feelings. When you are thinking and feeling sad, for instance, you will be attracting negativity into your life situation that gives you reason to be despondent, downcast, disappointed.


That kind of reality was not given to you by Life or God. You created them in the Kingdom of your mind where you are the king and the law.


Some people pooh-pooh the idea of positive thinking. “That’s just positive thinking,” they say. However, try feeling positively about what you are thinking, and you will discover the difference. Something has to be felt, or it does not become a belief; and only that which you believe is done unto you.


For example, if you believe you’re in love, it will show in your behavior—for you will be acting it out. There lies the secret of creating your own reality.


Furthermore, you can start thinking of an object that you would like to own and do everything you can to feel you already have it. If you find it difficult to do, act it out like actors do. Rehearse the act as often as you can until it feels real. One day, you will wake up to its reality in your life.


Try this


Here is a little exercise I would like you to do and see how it will do wonders for your public and private relations. Begin acting pleasant, courteous and kind; you will find that the feelings follow, and presto— you would have created a remarkable reality for yourself and many others.


Outstanding alumni


We were in our early teens when we met and we never imagined we would still be getting together after so many decades. Thanks to our UP Prep High School-developed spirit, longevity turned out to be one of its side effects. However, our school’s life span lasted only 21 years, which ended in 1975.


Dr. Baldomero “Toto” Olivera, lawyer Felipe “Henry” Gozon and I were three of the first 23 graduates of this experimental school that gave us college-level subjects in the hope that it would be easier for us to go through tertiary education.


And sure enough it was so.  Toto graduated summa cum laude with an average of 1.025 and became the Harvard Scientist of 2008 and a Nobel Prize nominee, no less.


Henry finished his law degree and was 13th placer in the bar exams. Today he is president and CEO of GMA 7.


Modesty aside, I finished my UP Philosophy course in three years at the age of 18 and immediately went to work as professor and advertising man. My father said we had to learn some form of livelihood the moment we finished college (although he and my mother were not exactly impoverished). I have no complaints. I have become what I have become and you can Google me for the impertinent details.


There were 80 outstanding graduates who were honored as outstanding UP Prep alumni in our last reunion.


Among them that I know personally are Nati Toribio, former president of Children’s International Summer Villages, International Association, Inc., an organization founded on the belief that peace is possible through close, cross-cultural friendships and that the real difference can be made by starting with children; Dr. Mario Aquino who became a well-known ophthalmologist; Dr. Esperanza Cabral, health secretary during President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administration and  who initiated in pushing the reproductive health bill into public consciousness; Jerry Barican, activist, columnist, my bunkmate at Camp Crame during Martial Law and spokesperson during President Joseph Estrada’s term; Dero Pedero, songwriter, winner in the Metro Manila Pop Music Festival, and still making music today; Nanette Inventor, comedienne par excellence; Boo Chanco, hard-hitting columnist and journalist; Delfin Lazaro, energy secretary, chair of Benguet Mines, and whose most popular achievement is marrying broadcast journalist Cheche Lazaro; Dr. William Padolina, well-known scientist; Tina Turalba, architect and real estate developer; and last, but not the least, Vice President Jejomar Binay who will stop at nothing to become president. Oh, well, that’s the UP Prep High school spirit.


Needless to say, we do owe our parents a debt of gratitude for believing we could be perfect guinea pigs for an experimental high school. We trust wherever they are in God’s universe today that we did them proud.


I believe we did well in creating our realities.