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How much chocolate is lethal for dogs?

A number of pet care and poison prevention websites recommend that pet owners post a reference list such as this in conspicuous places in their home so other family members can take note of the toxicity levels of chocolates if ingested by dogs.

Effects of Chocolate Poisoning

Quantity of Theobromine Ingested
10 mg/pound body weight – Mild poisoning: hyper excitability, hyper irritability, increased heart rate, restlessness, excessive thirst, increased urination

20-25 mg/pound body weight – Severe poisoning: All signs of mild poisoning, plus muscle twitching, vomiting, diarrhea

30 mg/pound body weight – Toxic level poisoning: All signs of mild and severe poisoning, plus coma and seizures


There is no specific antidote for chocolate (theobromine) poisoning. If symptoms are observed and you know the dog has eaten chocolate, induce vomiting within one to two hours, or even before you bring your pet to the vet.  The veterinarian will provide the treatment required, which may include administering an anticonvulsant, oxygen therapy, intravenous medications and fluids.

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