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OCTOBER 27, 2022

XANDRA Rocha and LuisMarcos- Araneta in the February issue of Hola! Philippines, with story written by Jose Mari Ugarte, photo by Pilar Tuason
XANDRA Rocha and LuisMarcos- Araneta in the February issue of Hola! Philippines, with story written by Jose Mari Ugarte, photo by Pilar Tuason

The last weekend of this month will see the glorious wedding day of Xandra Rocha to Luis Marcos-Araneta to be solemnized in Ilocos.


How auspicious that it coincides with the Vatican celebration of our two great Popes who will be canonized and conferred sainthood, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. It seems it is a marriage made in heaven and thus will be surely blessed and so memorable.


Famous fashion designer and close family friend Pepito Albert is designing the robe de marriage of Rocha, who has fitted only the muslin toile.


According to Albert, the wedding gown is inspired by “a romantic summer by the beach” since the exclusive reception for 200 of the couple’s most intimate family members and friends will be held by the sea at sunset.


“I cannot really say much about Xandra’s dress except that it will be elegant and strikingly simple, fashioned out of yards of off-white silk chiffon and not Filipiniana. I will also create a

PUNJAB PANTS. Drop-crotch cotton trousers with circular appliques, white cotton top with black cuffs and sash with round edging, espadrilles, bold gold earrings

summer dress for Irene (the groom’s mother),” said Albert.


Luis is the youngest of two sons of Greggy and Irene (née Marcos) Araneta, and the grandson of the late President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda.


It is interesting to note that Greggy and Irene were married also in Ilocos, in 1983.


Today we meet Rocha wearing the new Filipiniana pieces from the Boheme Collection of Patis Pamintuan Tesoro available at Rustan’s Makati. Images here are captured so poetically by ace photographer Winston Baltazar.


We ask Patis how to clean and care for the fine woven piña and other indigenous fabrics.


“Piña Liniwan can have the old fashioned hugas-bigas method to extract starch and stiffen clothes.


There is cornstarch available and that’s what I use now. Treat clothes like you would a cashmere sweater: hand wash in the least chemical soap you can buy like Castile or vegetable-based soap. Only iron when ready to wear, otherwise keep it wrinkled or roll it,” said Patis.

MODPANUELO. Full calado ecru and black rectangular wrap folded and secured with a brooch worn over a piña camisole and silk shorts, Natori cuff


Rocha will be arguably the most beautiful bride of the season, the shining star of the penultimate high society wedding of the year.


Rocha graduated with a degree in culinary arts from Enderun Colleges, now writes food columns for Malaya Business Insight, has founded Pinkerton Ice Cream and hosts the Solar TV show “Something to Chew On.” The show combines her two ultimate passions: food and travel.


She also loves animals, particularly her famous pet dogs.


The five pieces she picked out from the ultra young collection of Tesoro showcase the ease and modern ways young ladies can approach Filipiniana, without the fussy trappings of a full on terno or the baro’t saya that Tesoro popularized in the last century.


It is a summer of love for the intelligent and outspoken Rocha who begged that details of her wedding be kept strictly confidential; we can respect that.


For this Lifestyle exclusive, Rocha shares the feelings of a bride trying to keep her cool, actually chilling as her appointment with destiny draws near.


What is your state of mind? You are marrying next month. Share with our readers how you can stay on top of the long checklist and stressful deadlines. What are some of the great secret

INTENSE COLORS. Rainbow-print patchwork shell, round emerald-green satinmidi pants, wedges

tips other brides have given you?


My current state of mind is pure bliss. I love where 2014 has taken me so far. I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of life at the moment!


When things get really hectic and busy, it’s important to remember your priorities. Life is too short to focus on feeling “stressed,” or doing things that don’t make you happy… change your mindset. Focus instead on feeling blessed about being so busy.


Make sure to always squeeze in time for yourself, even if only a few minutes to treat yourself to your favorite dessert  or to get a massage as a reward after a long day.


If you do not take time to treat yourself, and love yourself, you will definitely burn out and you can’t be the best version of you. You will most likely be masungit and snap at others, which I don’t think is very becoming of anyone.


I have heard great tips from other brides, the ones that stood out are:

YOUR BOYFRIEND’S BARONG.Worn belted as a tunic with folded cuffs and upturned collar by Patis Pamintuan Tesoro for Rustan’s, paired with tomatored silk skinny jeans and wedges

Do not feel pressure to invite anyone you don’t want there. And do not feel guilty about not being able to accommodate everyone… It is your day.


Enjoy every bit of it! Don’t get stressed by the planning! This is supposed to happen only once in a lifetime so you need to remember to have fun while doing it.


Don’t have a long engagement. Stay excited, get hitched within a year of being engaged!

On your great food show on cable, tell us the name, time slot and content. Will you continue after you get married? How do you think becoming a wife and even a mom change your personality? Do you like doing this show? How do you see it two years from now?


“Something To Chew On,” season 1, Solar News Chanel, 7:30 p.m., Saturday, with reruns throughout the week.


The show is about food and travel. So far we have been focusing on different provinces around the Philippines. We try to showcase restaurants that are unknown, or not so popular. We want to encourage people to be curious and explore the Philippines. We want people to learn more about Philippine culture through its food. Often we are surprised to find inspiring stories behind some food businesses or restaurants, we love sharing these stories with the viewers.


On the show I try to focus on being myself. I want it to be very genuine, not pretentious in any way. I want people to be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and to try new things. I love being able to share my experiences.


Yes, I will definitely continue with the show even as a married woman. It is truly a wonderful opportunity; I would be crazy to pass it up! It is such a blessing to be able to travel around

PIÑA PIECES. From Patis Tesoro’s Boheme Collection at Rustan’s Makat —black embroidered pineapple organza jacket over scalloped ecru and black tank, worn with charmeuse hot pants and booties

the Philippines and see just how truly beautiful our country is!


Two years from now, I hope the show will take me on adventures, in countries outside the Philippines. And for the show to air internationally to show everyone how wonderful the Philippines is!


I tried your couture premium-made ice cream at Rustan’s. How did you start making the Pinkerton Label? How did you start “designing” ice cream, how do you market it? Can you recommend your top five flavors?


It started in 2009 when I was playing around with a little Cuisinart ice cream machine and some ice cream making books my sister gave me. I had fun experimenting and came up with my own recipes and flavors.


The business just happened. Before I knew it people wanted to order for their homes, then restaurant owners wanted to order for their restaurants.


This all happened by word of mouth, which to me is the best form of marketing because it is genuine and honest. Plus it’s free!


My top flavors are Banana Nutella, Guava Basil Sorbet, Dulce De Leche Sea Salt, Honey Rosemary, Red Velvet.




Photos by Winston Baltazar


Makeup by Qua of Laura Mercier

BRIDE-TO-BE Xandra Rocha on the cover of INQUIRER Red Magazine


White top, earrings and bangles

by Natori


Booties by Ivanka Trump


Rope and cork wedge espadrilles

by Lady Rustan’s.


Styled by Larry Leviste


Shot at Rustan’s Makati Bridal Registry

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