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Love it or hate it? Kris Aquino’s new hairstyle

We polled people on Twitter and Facebook to weigh in on Kris’ new hairstyle.


“I prefer Kris with longer hair; it looks more luxe.”—Edna, designer


“It’s very refreshing to see her with short hair—it’s chic, sophisticated and age-appropriate.”—Sienna, stylist


“It’s Kris leaving her comfort zone. Whether she did it for fun or publicity, shorter hair is still cooler and lighter, especially for summer.”— Andy, journalist


“It makes her face look bigger.”—Ellie, hairstylist


“It’s too short, but it’s still neat!”—Maribelle, housewife


“It made her look old, and it doesn’t seem to suit her personality.”—Dawn, PR exec


“Kamukha na niya si Cynthia Luster, and every dude who grew up in the ’80s knows that Cynthia Luster was foxy.”—Mark, advertising exec


“She looks bad; her chin disappeared! I think she should have more volume on top and more length in the chin area.”—Ria, hairstylist


“She looks fresh and young; once in a while, a woman should change her look.”—Eddie, hairstylist


“It’s too edgy for her age.”—Mira, online entrepreneur


“She has amazing skin, so what better way to highlight it than by chopping off your hair and let skin do the glowing.”—RF, stylist


“I don’t really care what she does with herself or her hair.”—Red, entrepreneur


“She looks fierce!”—Lhen, PR exec


“She looks younger; although paano her shampoo contract? Oh well, mayaman naman na siya.”—Nikki, PR exec


“She looks fresh and blooming; she’s had that boring shoulder-length hair since I first came to know about her. Now she looks younger.”—S, fashion blogger


“She’s a bit too late in the pixie cut game; JLaw is already sporting a baby bob.”—Lexie, PR exec


“It’s about time she stepped out of her comfort zone.”—Mara, makeup artist


“She looks carefree and happy, but she needs to be careful with her angles because short hair can be unflattering.”—Myleen, entrepreneur


“She looks like Ate Shawie in her younger days.”—Sharon, stylist


“I like it. It’s a different look for her.”—Czen, online entrepreneur