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How a zombie ‘comes to life’

At the recent “Outbreak Missions: Operation Stronghold” held in Intramuros, we saw a variety of zombies whose looks varied—from guardia civil to Chuckie to Maria Clara.


Inquirer Super sat down with Makeup Design Academy’s Boombee Bartolome and asked how a zombie “comes to life.”


Bartolome said that, to create a zombie, one would need to shell out at least P3,000. But there’s a cheaper alternative—using materials you’d usually find at home.


“As long as your materials are safe for children, safe for consumption and nontoxic, you can use it to turn yourself or your friends into zombies,” Bartolome said.


Materials you’ll need:


Elmer’s glue

Oil-based face paint (gray, red, black)






Maple syrup (red variant)


How to do it:




Pat dry application area. Apply glue on area you want to zombify. (For Outbreak, Bartolome used industry-grade liquid latex).




Soak tissue in maple syrup and apply on selected area. Pinch tissue to have the wound look. Dab area with brush and glue to give it texture.




Apply base face paint (gray) for the corpse look. Spread the paint using tissue.




Apply oatmeal on area you want to give a rotting look. For the surrounding area, apply black face paint.




Release your imagination and makeup skills for the final touches on the eyes, nose and lips using face paint. Soak fingers in maple syrup and sprinkle in different areas for a realistic bloody look. Bartolome said that it’s best to know the back story of the zombie you want to create. Jovic Yee




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