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PINK sleeveless dress with floral prints

SJP: Why not maxi and one-piece bathing suit?

PINK sleeveless dress with floral prints

Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic  Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” has left us with enduring style.


From frothy ballet skirts to nameplate necklaces, she pushed style boundaries in her own lighthearted way.


But it is her real lifestyle that continues to amaze us. This summer, SJP—the face of The SM Store’s Love to Shop campaign—shares her thoughts on how to achieve a great summer look.


On summer dressing:


“I’m a big fan of dresses for summer, especially in places like the Philippines where it’s really, really warm, and it’s humid. It’s a perfect opportunity to wear lightweight summer dresses that don’t stick to your skin.


“I don’t wear maxi dresses, but I think that’s a really nice option for a lot of young women who I know like them. And in our country, they’ve gone through a big resurgence.


“I like a shorter dress, like to the knee… I think it suits me. But I think the beauty of living in a contemporary society is that length is up to the

FLORAL one-piece swimsuit

consumer. I think whatever makes her feel good—if she prefers a maxi dress, if she feels more… So I really like a light summer dress.”


On swimsuits:


“I like a one-piece. I always have. I think they’re old-fashioned and chic. And they’re coming back which I’m really excited about. And people are doing beautiful one-piece bathing suits again so I think that’s great.”


On summer footwear:


“A STRAPPY sandal with a real heel can feel really nice in the summer,” says SJP.

“I think it’s really hard for me because while I love heels, they can feel too hardy and too heavy in the summer. But you know, there are occasions where a heel, you know, a strappy sandal with a real heel can feel really nice in the summer.


“So because the world of flip-flops has come such a long way and they now have like an actual dressy flip-flop, you know, an evening flip-flop? That’s made it acceptable to wear a flip-flop to dinner.


“And I think now it’s really nice for women, especially in tropical environments where heels might seem hot and weird and odd, it’s really nice that a flip-flop is now an option.”

STYLISH oversized sunglasses. “Big is best,” says Parker.


On summer accessories:


“What I like about Asian countries is that women really use umbrellas and parasols. And you guys have the most beautiful options for parasols and umbrellas in the world. I noticed that when I visited other Asian countries.


“In the US, we’re more accustomed to hats. But when I was in Taiwan, I got beautiful parasols so there must be beautiful ones here in Manila, right?”


On eyewear:


“I like bigger.”

TWO-TONE studded tote


On bags:


“I like bright-colored, light-weight canvas bags with a beautiful weave. But I like bright colors for summer—bright pinks, and yellows and marine colors.”


On summer beauty tips:


“Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. I didn’t use sunscreen for years and I regret it. I’m trying to make up for lost time. Sunscreen and lip gloss. SPF 30 on my face, SPF 30 on my body.”


On beach essentials:


  • Sunscreen
  • Book
  • Music
  • Water
  • Sunglasses


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