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Thumbs down: The sardine can (for some) that was ‘Laboracay’

If you still enjoy being crammed like sardines alongside other sweaty, drunken strangers wearing hardly anything, then well, maybe you did have fun in Boracay this last Labor Day weekend (hence, Laboracay, they were calling it).


Still, the general reaction to such photos as these, which went viral, was negative—as in, eeewww.


Labor Day weekend has always been the busiest time on the island; last we counted, there were some 10 events happening at the same time, sponsored by different TV networks and companies, and all of them offering all kinds of beach gimmicks and culminating in a DJ-powered party. Multiply that by 10, and—well, sardines. Loud, noisy sardines.


Our main concern: how much more can the island take? Locals and residents were fleeing Boracay in terror, and power plants groaning from the load of all those speakers and lights resulted in hours of brownouts. We’re also betting that the sewerage system was being pushed to its limits, not to mention all the trash that was left behind.


To the people holding such mega-events in Boracay, please make sure you leave only footprints and take only memories, as good tourists should do. To the local government: we certainly hope you’re more prepared for next year.



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