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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MARTIN Nievera (second from left) with mom Conchita Razon (right) and siblings Gina, Tere and Luigi
MARTIN Nievera (second from left) with mom Conchita Razon (right) and siblings Gina, Tere and Luigi

Mad Man’s momma


If I could have my mom’s intellect, I think I would have everything I need to get by in this world.


Mom has an answer for everything—whether it be the correct spelling of a word, or the mystery of pain we find in love, my mother knows best.


When my kids and the kids of my brother and sisters have deep, unanswerable questions, they too, run to my mom.


Her wit and depth, which she applies to every answer to every question of the younger generation, always makes sense. Even when she doesn’t.—Martin Nievera on his mother, Inquirer Lifestyle columnist Conchita Razon


Promptness and principle

KYLE Caballa with mom Evita


My mother would always say that the best time to start a task is now. She taught me how to immediately start with my schoolwork and never procrastinate. I’ve been applying this principle now that I’m in law school.


I wish I can also acquire these traits of hers: she has always been hardworking all these years to help give us the comforts of life that she didn’t have when she was young; she has the wisdom to think hard before deciding on buying a toy for me; and her honesty has taught me not to lie, even when the world brings many temptations that can challenge one’s principles.—Carlo Magno “Kyle” Caballa on her mother, corporate lawyer Evita Cantillep-Caballa


Grace under stress


KYLA Estrada with mom Janice de Belen

I want to have my mom’s ability to cope with stress and work under pressure. Growing up, I have seen her juggle work and family duties. Even when she’s tired from working all week, she would still make time for us. We would go out to watch a movie or grab some dinner despite her busy schedule. I can imagine how stressful it is to raise five kids while doing the work that she does. It’s amazing.—Kyla Estrada on her mother, film and TV actress/host Janice de Belen


Faith, hope and love


I wish I could have my mother’s unwavering faith. She has gone through more than her share of trials but never questioned God’s

CIELO Macapagal Salgado, Gianna Llanes, Ria Salgado Llanes

wisdom and love. She taught me that everything in this life is temporary except God. This translates not only to doing the right thing, but loving other people. Once, I asked her why she never turns down anyone who asks for help. She said one should never take away a person’s hope.


She has also tried her best to uphold the values she learned from my grandfather, (the late former President) Diosdado Macapagal.—Ria Salgado-Llanes on her mother, former Pampanga Vice Gov. Cielo Macapagal-Salgado


My first teacher


I want to have my mom’s confidence. She expresses her opinions and beliefs with conviction. Whenever I’d come home from school in tears because somebody had provoked me, my mom would say that what other people think is irrelevant to who I am as a person.


I also admire my mom’s optimism. Whenever I’d feel I had a bad radio show or got a low grade in a school exam, my mom would not only find ways to convince me that I did not fail, she would also reassure me that they are all part of life’s experiences to make things better the next time.


APPLES Aberin with daughter Sam Sadhwani and mom Ophie Dee PHOTO COURTESY OF POND’S

I have been trying to imitate her organizational skills like managing schedules and finances, and balancing one’s social life. Now that I’m 19 years old and a working student, I really have to learn to manage my life.—Gianna Llanes on her mother, Ria Salgado-Llanes


Great example


My mom is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, generous, forgiving and loving people I know. I always strive to be just like her. She’s such a great example to me, my siblings and her grandkids.—Model and PR maven Apples Aberin on mom Ophie Dee


Devoted vegan

A YOUNG Rhett Eala with mom Roceli Valencia


I wish I had her devotion to her faith. My mom follows the teachings of Jagad Guru and she has been a vegan for a good part of her life.—Fashion designer Rhett Eala on mom Roceli Valencia

(Photo: Rhett as a young boy with mom Roceli)




My mom is a beautiful woman. The trait I would love to have is her discipline. I inherited a bit of it from her, but she always amazes me with her perfect self-control. It’s something that I would like to cultivate more over time.—TV host and model Amanda Griffin-Jacob on mom Susan Griffin


A YOUNG Maureen Disini with hermom Monjierra Disini (left) and her grandmother

Brave and cool


I wish I was as brave as my mother. She’s had two major operations on her spine and I remember those two times I had gone to visit her in the hospital, she was so cool, calm and collected. I am the complete opposite!—Fashion designer Maureen Disini on mom Monjierra Disini


Kiss the cook


My mom’s generous spirit is truly admirable. Putting others above herself is second nature to her. I admire her patience that allows her to handle stressful situations with grace. And lastly, her excellent culinary skills is one thing I wish I had! I remember her cooking for us growing up and it’s something I want to do for my kids as well. The food she churns out is legendary!—Dermatologist Dr. Aivee Teo on mom Imelda Aguilar


Miss you, Mom!


My mom was a very curious person and she loved learning. She was sincerely interested in people, in history, and of course, food. From her, I think I got that innate curiosity to

NINA Daza-Puyat and the late Nora Daza

understand the world around me, and that of course, includes learning about different cultures and cuisines from different countries. I just wish she were still around to taste all the different dishes that I have encountered both here and abroad, in the very vibrant and explosive food scene all over the world.—Appetite magazine editor in chief Nina Daza-Puyat on mom Nora Daza


Eloisa Fernan (center) with daughters Mona F. Quiogue, Mitoy F. Cayosa, Marissa N. Fernan, Margaret F. Villarica, Maur F. Ledesma and Memel F. Borromeo

Green goddess


I’ve always admired my mom’s passion and commitment to the environment. Incorporating this passion into every aspect of her life and even writing numerous books and articles about it, she has truly made herself a steward of the earth. My children and siblings would always joke that no family gathering is complete without my mom’s lecturing us on the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) but we know it is because this passion could not be suppressed. I could only wish to have that same zeal that just effortlessly and genuinely overflows from her heart.”—Cravings Group chief executive officer Badjie Guerrero-Trinidad on mom Annie Guerrero


Infinite patience


Amanda Griffin-Jacob with mom Susan Griffin, son Kalon and husband David Jacob
Badjie Guerrero-Trinidad and mom Annie Guerrero

She has nine children with varied personalities. The traits that my mom has that I wish to have are “a strong sense of fairness, infinite patience and the ability to love unconditionally.—SM VP Marissa Fernan


Interviews by Cheche V. Moral, Pocholo Concepcion and Vangie Baga-Reyes