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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Here’s an interesting question from Jing, a gym enthusiast who experienced something perplexing and logic-defying while working out in the gym.


“I was about to lift a 120-pound barbell for my squat warm-up. To my surprise, I couldn’t lift it!


“I looked at the bar from end to end to see if it got stuck on something, but it didn’t. I checked my body from head to toe, and I was okay.


“So I tried to lift it a second time but still I couldn’t lift the barbell. It was as if an equal force or something was pushing it down. I tried again for the fourth time. I still couldn’t lift it.


“I told myself I’d try again a fifth time, and if it still didn’t work then that would be it. I would call my gym mates.


“For extra challenge, I added a 20-lb plate on each side of the bar. Now I had a 160-lb barbell. But this time, I was able to lift it with ease and comfort. I did 10 reps of barbell squats, and was able to put it back on the rack.


Then he started wondering. “Why could I lift a 160-lb barbell with ease, but not a lighter 120-lb one?”


He then added an extra 20-lb plate on each side of the bar to make it a 200-lb barbell. He lifted it again with ease!


For his final set, he loaded the barbell up to 270 lbs, and still he was able to lift it without a problem.


“What’s wrong with me?” he asked, “or with that 120-lb barbell which I failed to lift after four trials? Was I visited by a playful ghost that held down the bar while I was attempting to lift it? Is my gym haunted?”


Well, this reader himself answered his own question. When he told his gym mates about his strange experience, they said they’ve heard stories like one about “a human figure standing behind the gym caretaker while he was closing the gym in the evening.”


Also, there’s a lady who appears in the mirror and a man who ran past a gym instructor who was supposedly alone while doing a heavy set of bench dumbbell pullovers.


The instructor dropped the dumbbell and rushed out of the gym.


“What if you are bench pressing and out of nowhere a human figure appears and looks at you?” Jing asked. “How will you deal with it? You just can’t drop the bar on your chest!”


Not unique


Jing, your strange and perplexing experience is not really unique. Similar things have happened to other people, not necessarily inside a gym, but in office buildings.


There was the case of an employee who was going to get something inside a room where files and records were kept. The door was not locked.


When he was about to get out, he couldn’t open the door. He knew the door was not locked. It was as if somebody was pushing the door from the other side so that he couldn’t open it.


After a while he gave up and decided to shout for help. When he tried the door again, this time it easily opened.


The two incidents are similar. There were indeed playful or mischievous spirits in those places.


The thing to do is invite a good clairvoyant or espiritista who can see and talk to the spirits, identify them and find out what they are doing in the place.


Then he should try to persuade them to leave, or elevate them to higher levels in the spirit world.


Usually, these types of pranks are played by mischievous elementals, but there have also been cases where spirits of the dead were involved.


These spirits often mean no harm. Your fear that a ghost might suddenly appear to scare you while lifting weights is not likely to happen, unless the place where it appears was the venue of a suicide and the lost soul wants to have company in the spirit world.




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