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OCTOBER 27, 2022

NICOLE Richie’s sexy sea-salt-sprayed summer hair
NICOLE Richie’s sexy sea-salt-sprayed summer hair

As soon as I step out of the shower, I feel like going back in because sweat quickly breaks out. Shorts I haven’t worn in years are now my staples, and the only upside I see with this heat is I haven’t gone shopping because clothes have been the last thing on my mind.


Yes, everyone (hopefully) knows to slather on SPF but I have also completely changed my beauty ritual for the day. My 10-minute makeup routine now takes a maximum of three minutes, which I find liberating. I think there are only five products (aside from SPF) that people should use in this weather.

KERASTASE K Spray à Porter

Sea salt spray


I’ve always wanted to get beach waves but couldn’t figure out how people achieved it, until I was gifted with sea salt spray.


This product is perfect for summer since, unlike hair mousse or gel that gets sticky when you sweat, this actually stays on the hair, giving it nice textured waves.


The downside: It is a bit drying since salt pulls moisture and natural oil out, but nothing a conditioner can’t fix. It is also very easy to use; I don’t have to use the blow-dryer, which leaves me with a headache because of the heat.


Spray the product on damp hair and scrunch with a towel and it will dry up looking great. If you want volume and texture, just spray onto the roots.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturing Spray


Some of my friends spray it on dry hair, then braid or tie their hair up in a bun and, in a few minutes, let it loose with great results. Yes, I know it sounds easy. It actually is!


Try: Kerastase’s K Spray à Porter, or Toni & Guy’s Sea Salt Texturing Spray


Matte lipstick


MAC’S Butterscotch Matte (warm beige)

Why not a color, but matte? Because people prefer different shades and it’s the finish I’m after.


I’ve noticed that less is more, especially when you will be sweating anyway and the fastest way to brighten up your face is by applying lipstick.


Matte lipstick in particular will give you a clean-looking finish, more so than shimmer. In fact I suggest staying away from anything that would add shine to your face.


Try: MAC’s Butterscotch Matte warm beige or NARS Paimpol Pink Chiffon


Waterproof eyeliner


NARS Paimpol Pink Chiffon

If you can use all waterproof makeup, then good for you! But I think, with this weather, lipstick and eyeliner will do.


I prefer to use the pen types rather than pencil, which I’ve noticed have the tendency to bleed.


Try: Shu Uemura’s liquid eyeliner or K-Palette’s Real Lasting Eyeliner


Nail polish


BUTTER London nail polish

Get your nails painted! It is sandals season and nothing is more attractive than pampered hands and feet.


The thing with polish is it makes you look neat and it is not affected by the weather.


Try: Butter London in Cotton Candy, Milkshakes and Macarons.


Baby cologne


Perfume has a higher concentration of oils which doesn’t sit well with extremely warm weather (like what we are experiencing), since it sometimes feels sticky on the skin.

BABY Bench Colonia in Cotton Candy


Strong, harsh scents can actually change due to excessive sweat, and with this heat, a spritz of cologne can actually lift your spirits and make you feel fresh.


Since colognes have higher alcohol content than perfumes, you can reapply as often as you want.

Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Brisa


Try: Baby Bench Colonia in Cotton Candy or Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Brisa

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