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OCTOBER 27, 2022

SALON2014 fashion designers Joey Samson, Dennis Lustico, Lulu Tan-Gan, Cesar Gaupo. Photo by Alex Van Hagen
SALON2014 fashion designers Joey Samson, Dennis Lustico, Lulu Tan-Gan, Cesar Gaupo. Photo by Alex Van Hagen

Four of the country’s top fashion designers, the creative Lulu Tan-Gan, classy Dennis Lustico, society’s darling Cesar Gaupo and visionary Joey Samson gave an unforgettable visual experience as they presented their latest collections, dahlings, in Salon 2014 that had live music provided by modern independent vocalists.

TATLER Traveler editor Mia Borromeo, Marilou Toda Batchelor, Raffles & Fairmont Hotel general manager David Batchelor, Liza Ilarde, James Batchelor


In gathering the country’s foremost names in couture, Salon 2014 presented the quintessential Filipino look, where Tan-Gan’s opulent knits met Gaupo’s fantastical fineries, and Samson’s cutting-edge

tailoring collided with Lustico’s lush draperies. The annual collection was epic.


With the support of the country’s leading mobile telecommunications provider, Smart and our town’s five-star address, Fairmont Makati, the event showed how Philippine fashion can still reinvent itself by revisiting an age-old tradition.


NICOLE Olbes, Maricris Zobel, Monica and Maricris Olbes. Photo by Alex Van Hagen

The Fairmont ballroom was not only the venue for the groundbreaking display of the country’s finest threads, but also for the four très limited must-have edition mobile phone cases in collaboration with Smart, “that captured their own personal creative takes.”


From their choice fabrics and talented minds, the designers crafted silhouettes that transcend everything each of them has formerly done. Gaupo offered a fantasy showcase of fairy tales and pastel colors in his chosen soft textiles. Lustico’s collection “Messing up with Georgia” had natural folds and palettes brimming with life.


Samson took his cue from sports uniforms and gear, particularly baseball, soccer, rugby and football. His cutting-edge, masculine patterns proved covetable for modernist dressers.


SHIMMY Lopez,Wanda Louwallien, Celine Lopez, Cheng Lucas, Myla Axel, Sabina Lopez. Photo by Alex Van Hagen

Tan-Gan brought out a ’50s vintage look, which was more feminine and amazingly gorgeous, palangga.


She explained to moi, “Our Salon 2014 recaptured the Old-World glamor of couture while inspiring more novel ways of appreciating homegrown design talents.”


Together, Philippine fashion’s tour de force breathed new beginnings for the age-old craft.


“Bravo! Bravo!” filled the ballroom with the loud applause of the fashionable crowd, dahlings.

FROM the collections of Cesar Gaupo, Dennis Lustico, Lulu Tan-Gan and Joey Samson. Photo by Alex Van Hagen


A classic gets updated


This time it was a launching simply called “The Clash,” a worldwide campaign by the popular Converse sneakers brand at Fairview Ayala Terraces.


From the “Clash Box” that transformed boring white tees into street-worthy statement shirts with splashes of paint to “photoclashed” by graphic designer CJ de Silva, the public was totally enthralled with the radical ways a gray, boring world could be refreshed by color, but what else, ’di bala palangga?

LISA Dizon, Monika Abad; Grace and Patty Ang. Photo by Alex Van Hagen


At Converse’s spring-summer 2014 fashion show, A-list models sported the eye-popping reissues of Chuck Taylor All Star ’70s, the subtly elegant Jack Purcell sneakers, and the latest in Converse apparel, bags and accessories.


The event’s highlight was the introduction of four bands as brand ambassadors that embody the spirit of Converse: Peso Movement as All Star Core Creative, Gracenote as Converse Creative Connector, Stereodeal as Cons Creative Active and Paranoid City as Jack Purcell Creative Curators.


“For a reputable brand such as Converse, to include us in their roster is an honor and we highly appreciate it,” says Japs Sergio of Peso Movement and a former member of Rivermaya, speaking on behalf of the four bands. “We are very happy to be part of this spring-summer campaign.”

LOU Munoz, Minette Cuison of Levi’s, Arci Munoz, Gec Cajucom of Levi’s. Photo by Alex Van Hagen


Jack Purcell creative curator was Michael Carandang, former producer of “America’s Next Top Model” and “The Tyra Banks Show,” who now runs his own production outfit creating content for ETC and E! Asia television channels.


“What I love about Converse is that it follows your journey in life,” he says. “As you reach more success in life and you become older and wiser, you can also upgrade your sneakers. It feels so good to be able to post and talk about the brand and be able to wear it. Converse is something I really believe in.”


The lineup of the brand ambassadors could not have been more ideal. “We have carefully chosen our brand ambassadors to reflect the spirit of Converse: rebellious in a creative way,” says Kate Oliva, marketing and advertising manager of Converse Philippines. “They are trailblazers and influencers in their respective fields—from the alternative scene to pop culture, from trimedia to social media.”


Gracing the event were Converse Philippines CEO Margie Go, Converse Philippines sales director Dan Mindanao, “The Voice of the Philippines’” Paolo Onesa, plus loads of other hip and young at heart followers of Converse, dahlings.

PESO Movement performs “Loss of Gravity” from the band’s upcoming album “The Gentle Sound of Chaos” Photo by Alex Van Hagen


Cool denims


The invitees got a taste of one of the most refreshing fashion statements when Levi’s introduced their newest, coolest line, Coolmax, perfect for whole-year weather wear, held at Glorietta 2, Makati City.


The denim and nondenim collection is constructed and designed with fibers that produce a cooling effect on the body.


These pieces adjust the body’s temperature to adapt to the heat, or during the rainy season, keeping it properly ventilated and comfortable, palangga.

MODELS showcasing the latest Converse bags. Photo by Alex Van Hagen


Each item was showcased through a mini fashion show within the store, where models walked in stylish looks from the collection.


Guests got to try on and take home their favorite pieces. Manille’s top DJs Mars Miranda and Emel Rowe kept everyone entertained as they played cool and hot beats, to keep the vibe up while many kept shopping endlessly, would you believe, even when it was closing time.


Ice pops were served at this event as well, an entertaining touch to hype the Coolmax spirit.


Spotted at the event were my pal Brent Javier and Jon Avila, athlete Aly Borromeo and teen celebrities Wynwyn Marquez, Alexander Diaz and Luigi D’Avola.


The fun launch was hosted by the ever-energetic KC Montero, dahlings.