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Why you’ll love Mi

Some of the reasons why you need to meet Mi:


The selfie camera is a magic mirror.


Load the front-facing camera and MiUI can instantly tell your age and gender. This helps it determine what level of “beautification” it will apply to your selfie, so that if you’re a dude, you’ll still keep your macho good looks. As if that weren’t good enough, the selfie cam is a great flatterer; it tells us we look 24 years old (a smart phone, indeed!).


Mi puts the “private” in private messaging.


If you have messages that need to be kept strictly for your eyes only, MiUI has a private inbox that you can lock with a passcode. Messages moved to this private inbox will also register as “unknown number” on the notifications drawer, ensuring complete privacy.


The in-call features rock.


If you’ve ever needed to record a phone call, MiUI does this natively as an in-call feature. You can also launch a note pad from within the call so you can make reminders easily.


Accessories abound.


It has phone cases that cater to every personality, from the car and superhero enthusiasts, to the lovers of cute with their panda and bunny phone cases. If you want accessories in a geekier slant, it also has the MiClick, a wunderkind button that you can stick into your phone’s headphone jack. You can configure the MiClick through its companion app to perform different actions, like taking a photo, recording video, or turning on the flashlight, triggered by a determined number of clicks.