Camille Ver’s abstracts chart her ‘Transition’ | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

“COLORS Don’t Make You Feel Stuck”
“COLORS Don’t Make You Feel Stuck”

Heraclitean change as the only constancy is the subject of Camille Ver’s new show, “Transition,” which will run at Galleria Nicolas in Glorietta June 24 to July 8.


Known primarily for her paintings of aggressively abstracted urban landscapes, Ver explores the transition between inorganic integration of forms and the raw spontaneity of nature.


One of the art scene’s rising young abstractionists, Camille Ver is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines. As opposed to controlled minimalism in abstraction, Ver prefers to use large swaths of brushwork and experiments extensively with color and depth. Her transitions between inorganic and organic subjects is emphasized by her forceful use of expressive strokes that are tempered by the tec-pen lines.


“LOVE Dies Only When Growth Stops”

A reading of these transitions is best encapsulated with her urban paintings—none more representative of her sensibilities than “Untilted.”  Ver uses the emotions of the backdrop to silhouette her skyscrapers in a layered orange sunset. The pulse of the city however is indicative in the lines of that the skyscraper shapes contain, evoking set patterns that recall the trajectory of a torrent of electricity. The painting also bring sto mind a sunset, as it a great jump point into an exploration into organic subject.


“Blue Trunk” shows a blue-tinted tree against a yellowing sky, the abstracted aspect is presented in a deliberate flurry of nature. White swirling lines break away from the linear and angular lines in Ver’s urban scenes, and this movement is brought about by the artist’s own journey in her bold experimentations in abstraction.


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