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The 5 people you meet on Tinder

THE HOARDER:  It’s a numbers game, as a friend calls it. It’s all about collecting and selecting, as this increases your chances of landing a real potential match. There are some people who will instantly swipe right for just about every photo that comes out within their chosen radius. Some might initially strike a conversation with you and then stop; this most likely means they’ve gotten bored with you and moved on to the next prospect. Some won’t even chat with you at all, but they usually won’t “unmatch” you so as to maintain the number of matches they have and keep their egos happy.


The curious onlooker: True to the Pinoy proclivity for all things trendy and trending, the spirit of “nakikiuso/nakikiusi” is very much alive in Tinder. This category refers to someone who has created an account because of word of mouth. This group includes those who are married or in a relationship, as their photos with their significant others and/or their children would show. Single onlookers usually state it on their “about me” section (e.g., “Just looking around”). Some clearly married guys are probably just curious and want to check it out, with or without their wives’ permission, which may explain why I see my friends’ other halves on Tinder. Then again, maybe not.


The peddler: Some are pretty up-front with what they want (and don’t want) and they say so in their profile, which is highly appreciated because it saves time and effort. These “Tinderos” and “Tinderas” are usually the easiest to spot—they’re usually the ones who proudly display their wares in the form of toned abs, ample cleavage or whatever body part they think is their main selling point. More often than not, they’re not looking for a chat.


This category also includes the literal peddlers, namely, real estate agents and other people in the sales industry who are looking to cash in on Tinder’s popularity.


The lurker: If you only had two seconds to catch someone’s eye, why on earth would someone waste time on you when you’re listed as a 106-year-old guy with a photo of an NBA player or a cartoon character as his primary photo? What greeted me were poorly shot photos, but the most annoying were the faceless ones. I mean, what is up with those middle fingers and drunken poses? If you’re bent on letting a photo of a cartoon character, celebrity or life motto represent you, don’t expect to attract any interested parties.


The hopeless romantic:  This includes just about everyone who’s on Tinder, including any of the above, whether they care to admit it or not. I do have friends who have met their significant others (and quality ones at that) through Tinder, and so far, it’s working out pretty well for them, so much so that most of those couples have mutually agreed to delete their Tinder accounts for good. Awww.  Daphne Anteros, Contributor



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