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Tips for first time visitors to New Zealand

1. Bring an adaptor for your gadgets. Their three-pronged plugs are different; two of them are slanted. I ended up borrowing an adaptor from the hotel front desk since the two “universal” adaptors I brought with me weren’t actually universal.


2. NZ$1 is equivalent to US$1.


3. The tap water in Auckland (North Island) and Queenstown (South Island) is potable. Pack a thermos or refillable bottle and fill as needed. Or pay NZ$1-2 per 500-ml bottle of water.


4. Most three-star hotels don’t provide dental kits, razors or bedroom slippers. Bring your own. You don’t want to pad around the room in your bare feet.


5. Always wear sun protection even if it’s cloudy out but especially if you take the coach with the glass ceiling from Queenstown to Milford Sound.


6. The Internet everywhere in New Zealand is spotty. “Free Wi-Fi” is rare. You can usually only access the free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby.


7. Bring enough vitamins, medicines, (paracetamol, Vitamin C) for the duration of your trip. You will need them. Raoul J. Chee Kee