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OCTOBER 27, 2022

BY Gilda Cordero Fernando
BY Gilda Cordero Fernando





Second Installment of Graphic Novel with No Plot and No Point.

During my R and R I drew the second part of how I perceived animals were prototyped in some celestial realm. In here is a creature, an Incomplete Turtle (turtle-to-be). An overlarge squid is dripping next to him. The squid is all out of proportion to its importance (as a supplier of ink for black paella.)

Below the squid is a rat, once a beautiful creature, if you agree with the way I drew him. So what happened to the rat?! (See the next installment). There again is another overlarge orange butterfly. It was promptly sent back to the repair room for downsizing. You see, the celestial boss of the prototype factory does not like inflated egos. The animals all have to be humble and subservient to humans when they come to the earth. (Why the humans got the upper hand I have no idea.)

The small orange cat, like all cats in the factory, could stand on its tail. Then there is a much bigger cat who could, of course, stand on its tail. The big cat did it upside down and his claws reached right up to the floor of heaven and ripped it. The sky went crack, crack, crack.

Then there is something that looked like a ribbon. It didn’t evolve into any animal and so I labeled it truthfully as Flying Ribbon.










“THE RE-TOOLED” Version of the Horse
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