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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A lead article in the July 23, 2014, issue of the Metro Section of the Inquirer caught my interest and attention. The story, written by Maricar B. Brizuela, was about a mother who suddenly went into a trance at the police headquarters while the police was investigating the killing of a 22-year-old man whose body was fished out of a creek in Makati City.


“The officers and staff members,” said the news item, “were surprised by (the mother’s) outburst, which had her speaking in the first person and in a tone very different from her normal speaking voice to describe what supposedly happened to her son.


“‘They ganged up on me! They shot me here (pointing to her ear) and in my stomach!’


“The case investigator, PO3 Arnel Noriega, said he initially thought Lourdes Lim (the victim’s mother) was talking nonsense but started paying attention when Lim mentioned how and where her son was shot,” even before she saw her son’s body. Even the police investigator did not know that detail, as the body was still in the custody of the scene of the crime operatives. The entranced mother even mentioned the name of the suspected drug dealer who had invited her son to the place where he was killed.


Statements of murder victims speaking through mediums are, of course, not admissible in court, for good reason. One cannot interrogate or interpellate the dead. Neither can its identity be verified.


But is it really possible for the spirit of the dead to communicate with the living? The answer is a definite yes. There exists a voluminous body of documented cases of such communications, from the classic study by Gurney and Myers, “Phantasms of Living” in 1886, to Harold Sherman’s “The Dead are Alive” in the mid-’70s.


Even the Christian Bible tells the gripping story of how King Saul communicated with the spirit of the prophet Samuel through a female medium in Endor. This can be found in the Book of Samuel I, chapter 28, verses 1-25. What could be better and more credible proof of spirit communication than this?


Personal experience


I myself have had a personal experience of getting verifiable information from the spirit of my dead brother-in-law, Fernando Campos. Nanding died on Dec. 3, 1997, of heart failure in Muntinlupa General Hospital. A day before he died, he was seen driving along the South Expressway by a female colleague.


During our visit to his wake at the Susana Chapel in Alabang, I felt his strong presence. So I stayed outside the door of the room where his body lay in state. My wife asked me what was wrong, and I told her I could feel Nanding’s presence very strongly. I felt very heavy and told her I wanted to go home. Since our house was not far from the chapel, my wife agreed to take me home and just go back to the wake afterward.


While she was driving a few meters away from the chapel, I suddenly and unexpectedly went into a trance. Speaking in the voice of my brother-in-law, he asked her to tell his wife to look for a document he had hidden inside the closet of his clothes. His wife knew nothing about that document.


When his wife looked at the exact place in his closet mentioned by Nanding’s spirit, she found a check in the amount of P150,000 representing his commission on an insurance sale. The check was dated at the time of his death!


In 1994, I went to Utrecht, Netherlands, and spoke with the head of the Psychotronics Research Society there. He showed me a letter written by the chief of police acknowledging that 12 murders during that year were solved through the help of psychics. Such individuals are sometimes referred to as psychic detectives. In the Philippines, the United States and the United Kingdom, the help of psychics and clairvoyants in solving crimes has never been officially acknowledged.




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