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Rich–but unable (or unwilling) to pay his hospital bills

People are talking about this middle-age man from a landed and prominent family; he seems to have a penchant for not paying his hospital bills. A high roller, he was confined in the ICU of a leading hospital, after long days in the casino. Recently, after a few days in the hospital, when he was already up and about, he walked out just like that—and adamantly refused to pay his bills. (Hospitals cannot hold a patient against his or her will.)

It turned out this was not the first time the man reneged on the payment of his hospital bills. He had done it to many of the top hospitals in Metro Manila. Ironically, his wife was even affiliated with one of them. It is said that he also has unpaid credit-card bills.

Since he comes from a family that has the means to pay, the lunch-dinner buzz goes, people cannot understand this habit of running away from hospital bills. Some affliction.