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“LAST Trip”

Jill Arwen Posadas does ‘Remix’ in Canvas exhibit

“LAST Trip”

In 2006, artist Jill Arwen Posadas staged “Jig,”  featuring paintings that interpret the artist’s favorite songs through the use of a drawing style she personally calls “blobs.” (The dictionary defines “jig” as a “lively dance with leaping movements.”)


Jill said she developed “blobs” as a visual shorthand for free-flowing forms.


In 2010, she revisited the use of blobs in “Loop,” an exhibition inspired yet again by music.  “Loop,” a music-related term referring to a song played over and over again, gave rise to her current collection called “Remix,” referring to a longer or extended version of a particular song, done over in a slightly different, more jazzed-up style.


“I feel that this exhibit is a remix of the music-inspired concept and the “blob style” of both “Jig” and “Loop,” Posadas explained. “Like a musical remix, there are some different elements added in to how I render “blobs,” as they have somewhat evolved over the years,” she further emphasized.


“Remix” is on view at Canvas Gallery and Garden, 1 Upsilon Drive Extension, Alpha Village, Diliman, Quezon City. Call  0917-3064175.