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The best people to travel with

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” –Ernest Hemingway


As we grow older, our perspective about travelling changes. It matures. If new places and fascinating sceneries are all that it takes to excite us when we were toddlers, the experience of having long drives to far-off destinations adds to our list as we age.

But more than the joyride, what we really look forward to is the thought of being able to sit down with our friends and loved ones, and share stories with each other as we explore together everything the world has to offer.

We also anticipate even the littlest happenings; like who will be our seatmate, who will crack the most hilarious jokes, what chips are we having, who will fall asleep first, and the list goes on.

Now these experiences are treats we will always be in for if our travel circle is composed of the following people. Here is a roundup of the best personalities to sit with during an adventure:

The Navigator. This person is very keen on details, researching every bit of information there is to know about the chosen destination – the route (and alternate routes), the ins and outs of the locale and the mandatory pit stops. He/she will lead the group to the most popular landmarks down to uncharted and clandestine destinations. Rely on him/her to coordinate the entire trip from the time of departure, hotel bookings, to the group activities and shared tasks. Armed with a map, a good sense of direction (or a reliable mobile travel app!), this person instinctively knows his/her way around every nook and cranny of the town or city, so you wouldn’t have to worry about taking the wrong turn or getting lost (though you wouldn’t mind getting lost in a fascinating and picturesque place, right?).

The Adventurer. A friend or family member whom you can readily call and invite to go anywhere at the drop of a hat. This is the most ideal kind of person that you’d want to take on your road trip because he/she doesn’t need a month’s notice just to meet up, is open to exploring new things and doesn’t fret about changing plans even on a short notice. Someone who shares your interests and is willing to ride the roller coaster, go cliff diving, or free fall with you and is always on the lookout for new and exciting adventures that you can try out together. He/she will tolerate all your whims (and petty quirks) and quench your thirst for extreme adventure and odd undertakings.

The Talker. This person can carry a good conversation, has a vast pool of knowledge and ideas– from politics, pop culture, gadget reviews, etc. and the type whom you can never have a dull moment with.  Since you’ll be spending a good amount of time seated inside a confined space, part of the appeal of a road trip is the in-car experience.  Your road trip music playlist can only get you so far so you better be in the company of a loved one whom you don’t mind conversing and exchanging thoughts with (or listening to his/her endless chatter).  An added plus is if he/she never runs out of jokes, anecdotes, and misadventures to share, giving your abdomen plenty of workout from laughing non-stop.

The Lifesaver. A loved one who seems to have the foresight as to what you want (and need) and has a bottomless pit of everything (and anything) that everybody needs in his/her bag – from hair ties, pen and paper, medicine, first aid kits, packets of toiletries and beauty essentials, to snacks and even packed lunch.  You name it, he/she has it! Wouldn’t it be comforting to have someone who looks after everyone in the group and is always prepared for whatever may arise during the trip? When he/she is around, you almost have nothing to worry about, even the most minute concerns.

The Documentarist. This person is fond of (or obsessed with) taking snapshots and videos here, there and everywhere! This shutterbug will document every detail of your trip – from mundane moments to the most significant and monumental milestones. He/she is practically inseparable from his/her gadgets and gears (cameras, smartphone, tripod or the selfie pod!) waiting for that perfect opportunity to immortalize captivating landscapes, fun selfies/groupfies, unexpected yet exciting turn of events and even capturing you off-guard at your most candid (and unflattering!) state. With him/her around, you better make sure to look camera-ready all the time.

With these travel buddies, our adventure can never go wrong no matter how frugal or extravagant it may be. Indeed, it’s not just about the “end” of the journey. Sir Ernest Hemingway was right, in the end, it is the journey that matters.

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