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COLOUR Corrector Stick

What you should know about primer and color corrector

COLOUR Corrector Stick
COLOUR Corrector Stick

According to Max Factor makeup artists, the secret to flawless look is a carefully applied base.


This isn’t just foundation, it is primer, foundation and color correction to camouflage imperfections and have a fine finish, as if the makeup was applied by a professional stylist.


The look is even, matte and long-lasting.


Max Factor has introduced Colour Corrector Stick and New Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer—products rooted in Max Factor science, innovation and color harmony expertise.


The Colour Corrector Stick, with an easy-to-use, blendable formula, is meant to cover imperfections. Women can blend away the appearance of redness, dullness, under-eye circles and dark spots (with two separate “sticks” to suit different skin tones). It has a color corrector to enhance and bring light and luminosity to the face, which is a prominent SS14 beauty trend.


Used together, these expert color correctors work well with the recently launched CC Cream for flawless skin look.


Colour Corrector Stick’s formula is about opposite colors working together to neutralize—rather than color match. It has a precision tip for easy and controlled application.


Each Colour Corrector draws on the power of color science—neutralizers are complementary opposites on the color wheel; shades neutralize when combined and the balancers and illuminators even out dark spots and illuminate.


The reducer (green) neutralizes redness—the perfect color corrector for people with general redness in their skin


The revitalizer (purple)—counteracts sallow and yellow areas, banishing dullness, the perfect color corrector for people with too much yellow in their skin.


The brightener (yellow)—neutralizes purple tones such as under-eye circles, counteracts lilac or purple to blue undertones.


The balancer (pink)—evens out dark spots in lighter skin tones, counteracts blue tones and brightens.


The balancer (peach)—evens out dark spots in medium skin tones, counteracts blue tones and brightens.


The illuminator (highlighter)—softly reflects light and illuminates the face.


Max Factor has extracted the secret long-wear ingredient from the top-selling Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation to launch the multibenefit formula of Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer with an added SPF 20.


The secret to the flawless, long-lasting look are the micro-correctors that work hard to absorb sweat and sebum, expertly extending the wear of Max Factor foundations for an all-day flawless finish.


Primer is a must for creating the perfect base, and is particularly great for oily skins. The mattifiers absorb excess sebum, extending the wear of the foundation.


Apply the primer after moisturizer, using a flat foundation brush and sweeping it over the T-zone.