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OCTOBER 27, 2022


For its 60th anniversary, Clarins features a new treatment to relax, revitalize and regenerate the person from head to toe


In 1954, medical student Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened a cosmetics company in Rue Tronchet, Paris. He developed a new approach to skincare treatments that went beyond superficial beauty.


Courtin-Clarins taught his physiotherapists and beauty therapists the “Clarins Touch,” a massage method which would revolutionize traditional body treatments and later, face treatments, too.


Through the years, it has led to the development of specialized massage protocols.


In 1962 he launched the Masvelt Body Shaping Cream, which streamlines contours and eliminates cellulite.


Formulated with only the most effective plant extracts, Clarins skincare products are the result of 60 years of research and technical innovation. The products follow a meticulous path, beginning with observing nature for inspiration. Developing a formula that takes 18 months, Clarins combines intuition, creativity and technological knowledge.


Now available in 150 countries, Clarins continues its pioneering innovations, studying traditional techniques and rituals worldwide, in particular Oriental practices to tone, relax, firm, contour and rejuvenate the skin.


Three touch techniques


In celebration of Clarins’ 60th anniversary, the brand pays tribute to the Clarins Touch through a new treatment called The Art of Touch. It features a new concept, a new treatment protocol and a new Clarins Pro formula.


The first Clarins treatment for both face and body, The Art of Touch is dedicated to three energetic touch techniques that relax, revitalize and regenerate the person from head to toe.


The new Clarins Pro formula is a pure, delectable butter texture to be mixed with Treatment Waters and Clarins Pro Supplements that melts immediately on contact with the skin.


My first encounter with Clarins started seven years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. Scared to get stretchmarks, I asked friends if they know a product I could use to prevent it. Almost all of them advised me to try Clarins Tonic Oil.


Varied uses


Three pregnancies later, and with zero stretchmarks, I’ve been a staunch advocate of Clarins Tonic Oil.


I also use a few other Clarins products like the SPF’s. But I believe any woman in the know surely has one or more Clarins products lying around in the bathroom.


I surveyed friends for their favorite Clarins product, and amazingly each one had a different answer—a testament to the brand’s varied uses and efficacy.