Julia Montes lives the dream | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Every girl has a dream, her own version of a fairy tale. For primetime TV personality Julia Montes, that dream was to be an actress.


But unlike a conventional princess, she was raised by a hearing- and speech-impaired mother and a doting grandmother she lovingly calls Mama Flory. Life was simple and quiet, but Julia wanted a better life for herself and, more importantly, her family.


The only girl and the eldest of four siblings, she learned early on that girls in the real world didn’t have to wait for a prince charming to make life paganda nang paganda. Determined, Julia decided she had to write her own story.


She knew where her journey should take her: in front of the camera and into the spotlight. The only question was, how would she get there? Julia, wise beyond her 19 years, knew that the biggest push would have to come, not from her family or friends, but from within.


The first step toward real and reel-life adventures, she believed, began with unwavering confidence to make the most of one of her best assets—her hair.


Trusting only Sunsilk Strong and Long to seamlessly take it from short to beautifully long, Julia knew her perfectly nourished hair was every inch as resilient and as ready as she was to face the changes that were sure to come.


Armed with this newfound confidence and guided by her grandmother Flory, young Julia persisted in lining up for hours for auditions and landed regular stints in youth-oriented shows. After a few years of supporting roles, her hard work finally paid off with a big break as a lead in a television series. Thus began a new, more exciting stage in Julia’s life.


In the last few years, life has become an adventure worthy of a teleserye for the 19-year-old actress. Through it all, Julia has not forgotten to honor the people who motivated her to dream bigger and take greater risks. She bought her family a two-story home where they can continue to enjoy a life that is paganda nang paganda!


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