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OCTOBER 27, 2022


When @TitasofManila broke through our collective consciousness last week, with tweet after tweet it reminded us of our own awesome aunts—the sweet, sometimes strict, often funny (whether intentionally or not) ladies who have rocked our worlds since we were kids.

@TitasofManila: “Alam mo yung waistline ko nung dalaga ako? 23 inches.”

She was an instant hit. In less than two weeks, @TitasofManila has amassed close to 9,000 followers, with a lot of them (including us, we admit) volunteering to be her honorary pamangkin.


Her instant fame inspired others, kicking off the people of Manila trend on Twitter that spawned accounts like @MomsOfManila, @DadsOfManila, @YayasOfManila, @DriversOfManila and @SchoolKidsofMNL.

Inquirer Super had a fun interview with @TitasofManila—via Twitter, of course—and she sent us each answer twice (so adorably Tita) before tweeting, “Good luck with your article and take care.”

You can’t blame us for being utterly charmed.

Do you have a lot of kumare on Twitter?

I don’t know if my kumares are on Twitter. I’d like to think so because they all have better phones than me. My phone is an old iPhone lang na I bought second hand.

Is Manong Rodel a good driver?

To be honest ayoko mag-driver sana but my kids and pamangkins insist ’cos I’m getting old na. Pero I can drive manual you know.

What color is your favorite shawl?

I like color black, it goes with everything. Pero it’s important that the shawl keeps you warm.

What do you love about orchids?

I really like plants. I maintain  a garden with lots and lots of flowers, and orchids are my favorite.

What are five things you can’t live without?

Rosary, TV, cellphone, money (siyempre), and my moisturizer! Madali na mag-dry skin.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Hong Kong?

Going there with my friends from high school. We have fun simply being with each other because it’s like having sleepover parties again! Our favorite mall is Elements and Citygate mall, you know, the one in Tung Chung station near the airport.

Will we ever see you on Instagram?

I don’t know. Am having trouble taking pics as it is! Ha ha ha! If my daughter Belinda will help me, then why not?

What makes a tita a good tita?

My followers always tell me they can’t wait to be a tita na. But I think it’s important to be a GOOD tita. To be a good tita means to always be kind, grateful and don’t say bad words!

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