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PornHub’s ad blitz fails to take off

MANILA, Philippines – Adult website PornHub debuted Monday its first major outdoor media campaign with a billboard at the Times Square in New York.


After months of launching a campaign to find a new creative director, a Turkish copywriter became PornHub’s Creative Director who designed the non-pornographic ad.


Pornhub’s advertisement was repeatedly rejected by mainstream media. I was also denied TV spots.


The ad, designed by Nuri Gulver, shows the logo in the middle of the shape of a heart made by two hands with the tag: “All You Need is Hand.”
The ad was debuted with a performance by the Gotham Rock Choir, which sang “All You Need Is Hand,” a parody rendition of the Beatle’s classics “All you need is Love.”


Pornhub, however, removed the billboard Wednesday offering no explanation as to why it took down the advertisement.



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