A bento crash course

  1. Research on Instagram, Pinterest, watch YouTube tutorials and attend workshops if you can.


  1. Start with simple designs and work with the food your child likes to eat. Always keep in mind that nutrition should rule design, not the other way around. The design should follow proper portions of food groups, and creative presentation will follow.


  1. Keep a bento journal so you can plan your designs ahead of time and create a list of ingredients to support your menu for the week.


  1. Tools and accessories you will need are: bento boxes, silicon cups or cupcake liners, dividers or silicon barans, small scissors, tweezers, seaweed punchers, fruit/vegetable/cheese cutters, sandwich cutters, egg and rice molds, food picks and sauce containers.


5. My collection of bento tools and accessories are all from the Japanese stores or groceries (like Daiso), eBay.ph and Bentomommas on Facebook. I hope to do my next shopping in Japan or Hong Kong. Pam Pastor