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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Hayden Kho
Hayden Kho
Hayden Kho

MANILA, Philippines – Controversial media personality, Dr. Hayden Kho Jr., said he was ready to be a father but wanted to be one within the bond of marriage.

Kho, an avowed Christian, told Karen Davila in an interview on her television program “Headstart with Karen Davila” aired Saturday, said he has been “practicing abstinence”.

Quoting his spiritual mentor, Atlanta-based evangelist Ravi Zacharias, Kho said, “Sexuality is sacred and women are God’s creations.”

“They deserve dignity, respect. Nothing is more beautiful than the beauty of a woman, the fragrance of a woman, her shape,” said Kho who once figured in a series of video scandals involving several actresses.

Kho said he was looking forward to the day when he would have his own children.

“I am ready to be a father. I love kids,” he said.

When asked by Davila how he was coping with his vow of abstinence, Kho said he would look at photos of “cute little kids instead”.

When asked further how he was at dealing with temptation, Kho said, “You run away from it.”

Kho said he has tried to reach out to the women he got involved with and hoped that “someday, they would forgive me”.

He refused to answer questions about Vicki Belo, the cosmetic surgeon of local showbiz personalities, with whom he has had an on-and-off relationship.

He said, however, that like him, Belo was now a Christian who accepted Jesus Christ in 2013, about the same time he did.

Kho’s medical license was once revoked following the sex scandals but has since gotten it back.


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