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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Feast on Mama Sita's full range of authentic Filipino Spice mixes, Sauces & Marinades as well as Boutique and Artisanal Specialties.
Feast on Mama Sita's full range of authentic Filipino Spice mixes, Sauces & Marinades as well as Boutique and Artisanal Specialties.
Feast on Mama Sita’s full range of authentic Filipino Spice Mixes, Sauces & Marinades as well as Boutique and Artisanal Specialties.


To professionals working in the culinary field, food manufacturers, restaurateurs, students of cuisine and the culinary arts, and food enthusiasts, the biennial SIAL Paris is arguably the most anticipated event. It has been compared to the Olympics, or the Oscars of the food industry where the best manufacturers, innovators and culinary masters are exhibited and honored.


Started in 1964, SIAL Paris–short for Salon International de l’Agroalimentaire–has been bringing remarkable innovations in food preparation, packaging and presentation to the world – influencing the way a majority of the world’s people shop, cook and eat.


In its 50 years in existence, SIAL Paris has also seen a number of notable global food revolutions such as the opening of the first hypermarket by Carrefours in Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois near Paris in 1963; Amana’s offering of the first microwave oven for sale to the public in 1967; the launch of the Tetra Brik pack in Sweden; McDonald’s conquer of the world in the ’70s; the arrival of the first PET plastic container (used by Pepsi) in1976; the emergence of fourth range products (pre-washed, peeled, cut and ready-to-eat vegetables for salads) in France in 1984; the birth of the first vertical farms in the USA and Singapore in 1999; and the establishment of the first virtual supermarket in South Korea in 2011.


Monsieur Nicolas Trentesaux, director of SIAL Group, acknowledges the advancement in food technology and hopes to present them through products that are readily usable and enjoyable through SIAL’s expos.


“More than ever, above and beyond political and economic tensions, the world of food is a place of universal exchange. Food industry professionals throughout the world are creating and building the future of the way we eat. With its never-ending commitment to innovation, SIAL has become the guidebook par excellence to trends in the food industry on a global scale,” he expressed on the launch of the 50th anniversary of SIAL Paris.


Food Innovation: at the Core of Mama Sitas Food Production Practices

Sharing this viewpoint is the Philippines’ very own Marigold Commodities, Inc.—the makers of Mama Sita’s instant mixes, sauces and dips. Inspired by the pioneering spirit and dedication of its founder Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes, the company has continued to create food innovations responsive to the needs of the changing Filipino economic, environmental and cultural landscapes.


In the ’80s, in the middle of massive Filipino diaspora to different parts of the world, Mama Sita started the invention of ready-to-cook meals in convenient packages to be made available to Filipino communities in the different parts of the world.


Long before “organic” became a byword in healthy living, the company has advocated the implementation of responsible and sustainable farming methods that eschewed the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. For years, it has partnered with small farmers – teaching them technologies to produce healthy, chemical-free produce. Mama Sita’s has also pioneered in the development of new varieties of fruits and farm products that have a high-yield, more resistant to diseases, and are better-tasting.


Mama Sitas in SIAL Paris

In its desire to reach more countries and encourage them to continue the quest for food innovation, SIAL Paris has brought the expo to Asia via the first SIAL ASEAN in Manila. Held last June 2014, the expo brought together food manufacturers from the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei and Laos.


Mama Sita’s, one of the Philippine representatives showcased products that capture the authentic flavors of Philippine cuisine in convenient and easy-to-use forms. It was also a chance to highlight the brand’s advocacy of using only organically grown ingredients using methods that are not harmful to the environment. Apart from this, the Mama Sita products also highlight the high-quality of Philippine produced that can be easily used in 21st century food processing techniques.


At the awarding ceremonies, Mama Sita’s Champorado run away with a Citation Award. Mama Sita’s Champorado, one of the brand’s latest products, uses the finest rice variety and the rich flavor of organically-grown Davao cacao for an authentic Pinoy chocolate porridge.


For the 2014 SIAL Paris to be held this October, Mama Sita’s is once again showcasing homegrown Filipino cuisine in user-friendly forms. These recipes faithfully follow Mama Sita’s own concoctions to recreate the flavors of authentic Filipino cooking. This year, the company is also bringing Mama Sita’s Samalamig Kit to the expo. These kits contain the flavors of Filipino traditional thirst-quenchers in easy-to-prepare forms. Through this, Mama Sita’s hopes to introduce the delicious flavors of the Philippines to more foreign food enthusiasts and professionals. Hopefully, with Mama Sita’s untiring effort and dedication, Philippine cuisine will finally be able to stake its claim as one of the world’s best. (advt)

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