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CHANEL Le Lift Serum

2 new formulas added to Chanel’s anti-aging line

CHANEL Le Lift Serum
CHANEL Le Lift Serum

Chanel’s Le Lift anti-aging cream, introduced in 2013, has two new formulas.


The first three creams are joined by two new formulas: Sérum and Crème Yeux.


Le Lefit Sérum’s unique formula does more than inhibit micro-RNAs (miRs) to prevent them from slowing youth protein synthesis.


It creates an environment for the optimal development of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the dermal network.


Le Lift Sérum contains an exclusive molecule patented by Chanel Research, Resveratrol-12l, the star molecule in the fight against signs of aging. Its instability makes it a difficult ingredient for formulators to control.


The benefits of the Resveratrol-12 molecule increase the power of the Resveratrol that is not implemented in a complex. First, this molecule stimulates the protection of the extra-cellular matrix with its antioxidant power. Second, it boosts tissue restoration by encouraging synthesis of the extra-cellular matrix. It inhibits the action of two key aging enzymes (matrix metalloproteinase and elastase).


Through a chain reaction, this helps reactivate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers by the fibroblasts and therefore, improves the overall skin structure. In this way, the epidermis regains significant thickness and density.


Lastly, cellular renewal and differentiation are remarkably improved. All of these properties make Resveratrol-12 a perfect complement to 3.5-DA of the first creams.


Packaged in a streamlined bottle, the formula has a hybrid part-gel, part-cream texture. It is rapidly absorbed, leaving an ultra-fresh sensation on the skin.


Applied before Le Lift Crème, two doses of Le Lift Sérum are enough for the face and neck.


Eye-contour formula


The eye contour is indisputably the most delicate area of the face.


Subjected to continuous tension due to blinking and constantly changing expressions, the skin in this sensitive area is also the thinnest. At the slightest lifestyle change, it reflects small problems and major stress—dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness. It needs a personalized and completely safe care product to regain its overall harmony.


Like every product in the line, Le Lift Crème Yeux is enriched with 3.5-DA. MiRs are regulated and can no longer prevent the synthesis of youth proteins. The eye contour regains optimal firmness.


To reinforce the action, the formula contains a plant oligopeptide. With its active ingredients, the formula protects the extracellular matrix and improves muscle tone on the face. The eyelids look lifted and firmer. The eyes appear more wide open.


A shield against dark circles and puffiness.


Designed with the same precision as the first three Le Lift creams, the texture of the new skincare product is refined and velvety.