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Matsusaka beef, tuna belly and other fresh sushi at 50% off






Trust the Villavicencios to think up the ultimate best when it comes to Japanese food. This  means the highest grade ingredients from Japan, flown to Manila and served.

Now the Villavicencios’  Ogetsu Hime is running the Best of Japan promotion that offers even the famed Matsusaka Beef at 50 percent off.
Matsusaka, said to be  the best of beef, has meltingly soft, intricately but evenly marbled cuts.

“When we say ‘the best of Japan’ it means bringing you the best raw materials of Japan to Ogetsu,” said trailblazing restaurateur Vicvic Villavicencio. “And, not just the top products but the top grade of Japan.”

Japan produces a variety of beef all year round but the best is neither Kobe nor Wagyu that most Filipinos are familiar with, but the Matsusaka Beef.

Matsusaka beef is  from especially pampered “Japanese Black” virgin heifers from Hyogo Prefecture; it is rated the highest by the Japanese Meat Growers Association.

But Ogetsu won’t let diners shoulder the high price. It’s offering its Matsusaka beef at half the price.

From P3,990 for teppanyaki and sukiyaki, the price goes down to P1,950.

“We are holding this rare promo for the public to try and enjoy whatever good food there is in Japan,” said VJ Villavicencio, Vicvic’s son who’s behind Ogetsu.

Fresh-tasting sushi

Ogetsu’s half-the-price promo includes exceptional selection of fresh-tasting sushi and sashimi: the Otoro, the fatty and premium part of Bluefin tuna belly; Engawa or Japanese halibut that easily thaws out in the mouth; Anago, Japanese saltwater eel; and Amaebi, Hokkaido sweet shrimp.

There’s also the yellowtail sashimi, known in Japan as Hamachi, valued for its taste and texture. It is silky smooth and quite literally disappears as soon as you bite into it.

Another best-selling sashimi is the Hotategai, Hokkaido giant scallops, that taste incredibly sweet and tender.

Ogetsu head chef Isao Takada has created a special light sushi sauce that they cook for four hours.
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Ogetsu Hime, L5, Skypark, SM Aura, BGC