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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Your mantra for the week: “My life is like a rainbow… I have found my pot of gold.”

Look at your life and know that it is a colorful one. You feel the ever-changing circumstances always moving toward your highest good. From within you, a white light radiates. Know that it is the God within you. Know that it is the Divine light.

Now, see the white light turn  green, a magnificent healing light, moving in every cell and atom of your body. See yourself dancing with delight as vigor and vitality restore you to perfect health.

The color changes into pink. You are now in the pink of health. As pink changes into the color blue, your awareness is heightened. Your knowledge increases and multiplies. It turns into wisdom. You know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You accomplish this with ease for Divine Intelligence is your intelligence, too. There is only One Mind.

As blue changes to red, feel its vibration. Feel your blood flowing with glee as you breathe in and breathe out, you know there is but One Life. And you live and move and have your being in the One Presence.

Red slowly becomes yellow. You feel yourself filled with harmony and peace. This transformation bubbles with joy. You realize that God is always working within you … like the warmth that yellow sunshine brings, it is the warmth of the Father.

Yellow now turns to gold—attracting all the prosperity that you desire. Know that everything you touch turns to gold. Abundance is your Divine Inheritance. Every day your capacity to receive increases and multiplies. You are the golden child of a loving Father. Everywhere you go, prosperity goes with you. The floodgates of richness open up for you and you learn to share your wealth with mankind.

Seeing God in everyone

Now gold turns to purple. You realize that the One Presence is all that there is. God takes care of all your needs. God is at work in every aspect of your life. You see God in every person. Whatever your opinions about people, you now choose to see God in them, for you realize that all of us are treading in what we call Life. And that Life is the Life of God.

Let us bring into our lives every color we can, for there lies the secret of the rainbow. Every color has a gift and that gift is one from the universe. In religion, they call it God’s grace. In IAMISM, I call it Divine Love.

georgeIt is also an intro to the coming Age of Aquarius in which Universal Love will prevail and each man will find his own Church in his Higher-self within, as in the Aquarian man pouring forth love everywhere.

Ito Curata’s birthday

Ito Curata, one of the most sought-after fashion designers, celebrated his birthday recently and was honored with a celebration by good friends and neighbors Rene and Ann Puno. Add to the compliments the fact that Ann cooked all the dishes that we savored that evening—from the pumpkin soup, lengua and roast chicken to the arugula salad and even the two cochinillo.

The New Minstrels Divos even serenaded Ito.

Such an intimate dinner has the conviviality and warmth that big events, receptions and balls can’t have. The Punos’ lanai living room in Alabang, surrounded by Rene’s art collection, was the perfect venue.

Here you heard tidbits from guests who shared their private thoughts and feelings. Yoli Ayson (an Anne Curtis look-alike) who is the steady beau of Ricky Laurel, admitted, “Wow, when I am with Tita Lorna, it is like being with royalty and you know naman I am a commoner… And when in her presence I cannot slouch and have to keep my back straight at all times. Hay, ang hirap talaga!”

Also at the party were Marian Ong who now openly talks about her marital separation and how wonderful it is to be free again; ditto Ricky Davao who seems to be more enthusiastic about life and is raring to participate in prurient activities; and Chad Borja—who sang the Visayan classic “Usahay” with Pilita Corrales last Thursday for the launch of her new album, “A Million Thanks”—is into higher consciousness, saying that “attending social functions is some kind of a cultural shock for me.”

To my surprise everyone in the group who drank a toast to Ito in the last hour of the party said they desired “more sex” than anything else in the world and made no qualms about it, especially Ito himself. Bob Miller, his longtime companion, exclaimed with a smile, “I really try my very best!”

And all the ladies cheered him on. How can you not like these people?

3 encores for Leotta

The Philippine Italian Association, whose president is Nedy Tantoco, outdid itself when it invited pianist Christian Leotta to perform at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Nedy was elated to present him to the Filipino audience for the first time. She mentioned that Maestro Leotta hails from Catania, Italy, and started playing the piano at age 6 but later on formally studied with Mario Patuzzi at Milan’s Conservatory, at the Theo Lieven International Piano Foundation on Lake Como.

Many praises have been showered upon Leotta. He has been described as “an extraordinary talent with a beautiful innate musicality; his respect of the indications is perfect and a pianist of the highest order: technician, musician and interpreter all at once.”

At 22 he undertook a recital series encompassing the entire corpus of Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas, which was later recorded in five two-CD sets and was hailed as one of the major Beethoven soloists of our time. He is an awardee of the prestigious president’s medal by former Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

That said, you can imagine the kind of concert we were treated to last Tuesday evening at CCP’s Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino.

Leotta opened Bach’s “Cappriccio” in three movements followed by Schubert’s “Piano Sonata in A minor.”

After the intermission, he proceeded with Rossini’s “Memento homo and une caresse a ma femme.” His piece de resistance was Beethoven’s “Sonata number 23 in F minor,” but then the concert did not end there because after three encores, he regaled us with another Beethoven “Sonata in C op. 2 number 3.”

At the reception that followed, we had the privilege of sitting with Maestro Leotta; during dinner he recounted how much physical strength was needed to play the Beethoven sonatas. At the “Allegro ma non troppo,” it takes 60 kilos of physical force and, in the quiet moments, the softest note still takes 42 grams.

I never imagine that concert pianists also had back problems although they are seated most of the time. “I do a lot of stretching for my back,” said Leotta.

When I asked him whether he still had time for relationships, considering the hours he spends on the piano, he said, “Not in the last 36 years, but now I am considering it.”

He was effusive of how wonderful the Filipino audience was, “much better than the Japanese.” He added, “I am very impressed by the way the Philippine Italian Association organized this concert. The audience was so quiet and concentrated. Any pianist would be inspired to do his very best.” And he did.

Listening to Maestro Leotta on the piano and watching him play, one could only wish that everyone could handle their lives in the same manner; as a result we would not only achieve world peace, but love would also reign.


DJ Lopez could not contain herself about how Leotta’s fingers alone thrilled her.

During the cocktails, I also had the chance to exchange pleasantries with Michelle Cojuangco Barrera, whose steady escort Diether Ocampo spoke about their newly formed movie outfit. They are often seen at the Manila Polo Club because she is an equestrian and he is now a polo player.

Resorts World Manila’s Kevin Tan and his pretty, petite wife Michelle are expectant parents, excited about the birth of their baby due at the end of April or early May.

Chona Mejia, Olga Martel and Tessie Luz were busily chatting about the blind items in my columns and were insistent in my confirming their actual identities, especially those concerning love affairs.

Manila is so filled with love affairs that one can easily mistake one identity for another. Affairs, affairs, affairs … there is so much going on.

CCP president Raul Sunico as well as Nedy Tantoco impressed everyone with their succinct messages in the concert’s opening ceremonies.

And of course, His Excellency Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno and wife Agnes were also graceful hosts like Nedy and Raul. What an exhilarating evening!

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