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OCTOBER 27, 2022

While gravity is a force one cannot defy, there are ways to neutralize, if not slow down, its effect on youthfulness.


You can become proactive in your age-defying feats. It begins in the brain. We need to keep the brain young. Here’s why:


New brain cells. We need constant production of new brain cells. Without them, cellular volume decreases. When this happens, our organs begin to shrink in size and volume. The brain ages.


But we can delay it. The old thinking was that old brain cells cannot be replaced. Today, scientists know that this is not true.


Human beings may lose brain cells, but the body has the capacity to grow new cells and replace the old ones. This is called neurogenesis.


Raise the metabolism. When the body undergoes physical and mental activity, the brain is stimulated and something electrically charged happens to the brain. The best ways to stimulate the brain are through physical exercises, mental exercises (puzzles, crosswords and mathematical problems), sex (electrical stimulation occurs in the brain during an orgasm), visual stimuli (it helps to look at beautiful scenery and to be surrounded by beautiful people) and a stable, loving relationship.




A UC Davis (University of California, Davis) study on monkeys showed that these creatures responded similarly to humans in monogamous situations.


The study said male monkeys in monogamous relationships had more dopamine than unpaired males.


What was dramatic was how dopamine levels rose in lone monkeys who eventually found a mate.


Translation: Being in a loving relationship increases one’s dopamine levels, which impacts on the sexual drive. It’s all in the mind, er, brain.


One’s personality is also largely influenced by one’s brain chemistry. The human brain is like a power plant. It generates and emits energy through electrical impulses.


One method of assessing electrical transmissions in the brain is through Beam-Brain Electrical Activity Mapping. It shows how well and balanced the brain is through a status report of its metabolism/power (dopamine), brain speed (acetylcholine), rhythm (gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA) and balance (serotonin).


It’s interesting to know that a healthy brain in harmony is like a radiant rainbow!


Through the brain map, one can see if one chemical is more dominant than others.


Why is this important? It tells you why you are the way you are.


Extroverts are energetic, have high dopamine levels and direct their energies towards people.


They are also sociable and comfortable with a group or crowd, and they speak before listening.

Introverts, meanwhile, have low dopamine and require quiet time.

They may be seen as aloof and distant towards others and are more often in control of thoughts and feelings.


An intuitive is said to have high acetylcholine levels. Intuitive people are influenced by their hunches or gut-feel. This makes for excitement. They look constantly for new opportunities.


Sensing individuals have low acetylcholine, which explains their accuracy in communication.


They also value the traditional and the old, familiar, tried-and-true way of living, and are used to routine.


Judging individuals are said to have high GABA levels. The organizer is a judging type of person dependent on lists, plans, structures. Spontaneity and flexibility do not come easy to them.


Perceiving types are low on GABA. They adapt quickly and are interested in practically everything.


Spontaneous and willing to try new things, they also have a tendency to start a project without finishing it.


A feeling person is the high serotonin type. Feelers are warm and responsive, express their feelings easily and have a need to be told they are loved.

They fall in and out of love easily and tend to use sex as a way of expressing their desires.


Thinking individuals have low serotonin. Logic rules the thinkers who tend to be guided by the principles of justice and fairness.


They may appear cold and lacking in empathy. Thinkers tend to detach emotions from the sexual act; thus they lack intimacy.


Mind-altering food


The good news is you can change your brain chemical levels through medication, natural remedies and nutrition.


Consult with an endocrinologist. Enroll in a gym or engage in daily exercise.


Meanwhile, here is a food guide. Eat foods that stimulate your brain to produce the chemicals you may lack.


They are listed here, according to their levels of strength:


Dopamine—wild game, cottage cheese, pork, wheat germ, turkey, duck, chicken, ricotta cheese, walnuts, soy, beef, granola


Acetylcholine—beef liver, chicken liver, egg, wheat germ, beef, fish, tofu, peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, hazelnuts, broccoli, cabbage


GABA—brown rice, whole grains, potatoes, halibut, broccoli, spinach, beef liver, tree nuts, rice bran, lentils, banana, citrus


Serotonin—pork, avocado, cottage cheese, duck, eggs, wheat germ, turkey, chicken, chocolate


Reference: “Younger (Sexier) You” by Eric Bravermann, MD


Affirmation of the week: “Life’s wonderful surprises are manifesting for me now.”


Love and light!




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