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OCTOBER 27, 2022


MANILA, Philippines – If you’re among the thousands of commuters who brave long terminal lines and hour’s worth of traffic just to travel from home to work and vice versa, chances are, for you, buying a car is impractical and quite expensive.

But, is it really?

Have you ever tried weighing the pros and cons of owning one? If you still haven’t, here are some points that might help you see the comfort of having your own car:

Ease and freehand in choosing your route to work

Though the metro offers various modes of transportation to get to key areas and business districts, these choices do not really cover “comfort”. In reality, you still have to wake up extra early to save yourself from the draining congested rush-hour commute. If you don’t make it on time, you will have to line up for an hour or so to catch your ride. And at night, letting the rush hour pass is the best option for a peaceful travel home.

Unlike when you have your own car, you can wake up at your preferred time and you can always opt to take the easiest route to work simply because you can with your very own mode of transportation.

Refreshing journey to your destination

When you ride the public transport (except when you choose to take a cab), another consideration that you have to make – apart from the time – is the amount of people you will find yourself sandwiched in, especially during rush hour. Say, if you’re out for an important meeting, a make-it-or-break-it presentation, or even a concert night out after office, how do you stay fresh if your only option is the congested train ride or the very-open-to-pollution jeepney or bus?

Secured travel

Every Filipino commuter must know what this means. It’s sad, but unfortunately, one will always have to be on the lookout for his own safety while out in commuting, since crimes are rampant in the metro at any given time of the day. This is why having your own car is good, because it lessens your risk of becoming a victim of such unwanted occurrences. Of course, either way, you just have to take precautionary measures.

Getting stranded won’t be a problem

In times of unexpected flooding, getting stranded will be less of a problem for you if you have your own car. Because if it takes hours before the flood subsides, you can simply and safely drive your way home without having to worry about catching the last train or shuttle ride.

Also, this will keep you safe and dry from heavy rains and a good way to steer clear of illnesses.


After a week’s worth of exhausting work, don’t you think treating yourself to a nice late-night drive is a good way to end it? And even if you’re saving up on gas, an occasional drive to a relative or a friend’s place just to hang out is a welcome break.

Let yourself enjoy the road. And plan road trips with your family and friends. But of course, you have to own a car first to experience the bliss of joyrides.


While most people think that commuting is way more affordable than buying a car, in reality, you might already be spending enough to buy a car on monthly installment.

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