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OCTOBER 27, 2022

There are two types of shoppers: those whose soundtrack are as chill and relaxed as “Let It Snow,” and those whose Christmas shopping song is the accelerated version of the Chipmunks Christmas album. If you are just about ready to give up on your long Christmas list and prepare hastily printed IOU’s instead, check out these one-stop shops that will let you cross off every name while spending only once on parking.


Landmark Department Store


Landmark’s holiday gift selection is perfect for those who need to give gifts to big groups; you can find cute knick-knacks for as low as P20 each, and you can group these together with other small items to create a personalized Christmas goodie bag for co-workers, classmates, etc.


National Book Store


We might be biased as self-confessed bookworms to say that National Book Store is a one-stop shop, but there’s more than just books to buy at NBS. Buy a Frozen Elsa doll for your niece, a Kobo for your dad, or a Lihit Lab laptop sleeve for your brother. Their flagship Glorietta branch is filled to the brim with gift ideas, a well-stocked gift-wrapping station and a small coffee shop where you can wait while your presents are being wrapped. There’s even a Ticketworld outlet in case you want to buy concert/show tickets for someone on your list.




If you are feeling stressed out from all the shopping, Rustan’s is the perfect haven to visit to accomplish your Christmas shopping while taking a breather from all the jostling and elbowing. Their very friendly and accommodating sales staff are ready to help you get your shopping done (they’ll wrap it for you, for free, too, but make sure to have this done early as there is a long queue) and their selection is varied and well-equipped to suit any taste and budget.


SM Department Stores


Hitting up SM during Christmas season is not only a no-brainer but an absolute must—the trick is to go during opening hours, when most shoppers are (hopefully) at work, and you have the merchandise and the sales staff to yourself.