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OCTOBER 27, 2022


MANILA, Philippines – Looking for a great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve? You don’t have to look far. Boracay just got its seal of approval from an online survey of travelers.


Hotel booking site last week released the list of Top 24 destinations for the New Year based on an online survey of 7,000 travelers.


Bangkok topped the list with 13.6 percent of the votes. Rounding up the top five were Hong Kong, Bali, Tokyo and Singapore.


The famous island of Boracay in Aklan province bagged the 13th place with 2.49 percent of the global votes.


Agoda said 78 percent of respondents wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with their family or a significant other, while 18 percent said they wanted to spend it with friends.


On the other hand, four percent of the travelers said they wanted to celebrate the New Year alone.


While most people said they preferred “low-key celebrations” (42 percent wanted a private party with loved ones and 24 percent said they would stay home), 27 percent said they might join public festivities such as the ball drop at Times Square or the Taipei 101 Countdown.


“People who love to travel apparently also love to celebrate. Only 7% of respondents said they would be in bed asleep before the clock chimed midnight,” Agoda said in a statement.


Below is the list of locations that made it to the Top 24:


Location Global Votes
Bangkok 13.60%
Hong Kong 10.77%
Bali 10.62%
Tokyo 9.45%
Singapore 7.97%
Taipei 7.94%
New York 7.26%
Paris 5.35%
London 4.11%
Sydney 3.99%
Amsterdam 2.83%
Dubai 2.56%
Boracay 2.49%
Las Vegas 1.93%
Barcelona 1.63%
Shanghai 1.39%
Rome 1.39%
Rio de Janeiro 1.04%
Goa 0.83%
Berlin 0.79%
Cape Town 0.68%
Buenos Aires 0.48%
Edinburgh 0.48%
Ibiza 0.41%


Photo from Agoda website




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