Islands Pasalubong opens QC branch | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

pasalubong-10101Cebu-based Islands Pasalubong has opened a branch on Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. It offers one-stop shopping of Philippine native food and delicacies.


Products are guaranteed fresh, of good quality and priced affordably.


Islands Pasalubong has delicacies from the provinces such as dried mangos and other fruits, dried fish (buwad), peanuts, jams and preserves, peanut brittle, pinasugbo, pastillas, cornick, quesong puti, mango tart, chicharon, ampao, and tablea.


The shop likewise offers homemade and specialty products.


Native snacks such as puto, biko, bibingka, suman, kuchinta, puto bumbong, pichi-pichi, ensaymada, sapin-sapin and other treats are on display in the Pinoy Deli section.


Bongbong’s piaya from Bacolod is served hot every day.


The shop offers the big names in pasalubong, such as Shamrock, Titay’s, 7D, Bongbong’s, Romana and Vjandep, plus Luzon’s most popular Eurobake, Mikasan, Rosalie’s, Mazapan Sweets, Namnama’s, Sevilla’s, Ocampo Lansang and Good Shepherd.


In its Frozen Goods section are Vigan longganisa, bagnet from Ilocos, tapa from Taal and even taro ice cream from Bataan.


Deli section also features adobong mani, garlic peanuts, garlic sticks, green peas, puto seko and other snacks from Bulacan, Quezon and other Tagalog towns. Even specialty items such as Navarro’s crab paste, Bulacan lemon pastillas, fresh carabao’s milk, kesong puti, and frozen ready-to-eat products such as laing and pinangat from Bicol are available.


A special treat for Metro Manila residents at the Katipunan store is the frozen original Cebu lechon from CNT, Rico’s and Zubuchon, available daily.


Islands Pasalubong Katipunan is at 220 Katipunan Avenue Extension, Blue Ridge A, Quezon City.


In Cebu, it is at Salinas Drive, Lahug; Mactan Marina Mall; Sinulog Square, Sto. Niño Basilica; Raintree Mall, Gen. Maxilom Avenue; Archbishop Reyes Street; ATK; Punta Engaño; Shang Town Center; and Maribago.