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OCTOBER 27, 2022


There’s something a little crazy about waking up on Jan. 1 and realizing that a fresh clean slate is laid out before you. All your old habits can disappear at your command. What exactly can you do?


That’s where New Year’s resolutions come in. Every year, you strive for change, so you jot down a list of things you want to accomplish. But let’s be real here. You rarely tick off a couple of resolutions on your list, much less every single thing on it.


So, here are five realistic and easy-to-do things that should be on your resolutions list.


The best part is that, much to everyone’s surprise, you can easily tick these off at year’s end.


  1. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

In all honesty, our generation does well in the chasing-after-dreams department. With limitless opportunities, modern technology and new perspectives at our fingertips, we do everything to get what we want.


You are part of this generation. But despite these bountiful realities, spreading yourself too thin is never a good idea. Even when you think you have to do that much because it’s expected of you or because you might lose if you don’t, remember that micromanaging everything just complicates things and gives you a much bigger headache.


Do your best, then let the chips fall where they may.


  1. Think before you post.


Admit it, when wondering what your friends and relatives are up to, you scroll through Twitter instead of calling them to ask what’s up.


When meeting a new friend, you scramble through his Facebook wall even before getting to know him face-to-face. Social media is how you communicate best, and when you interact with others, you should always have your best foot forward.


As such, the way you visually present yourself on social media and the greater Internet has become a huge factor in determining how everyone perceives you.


However, there’s a fine line between sharing your excitement and rubbing it in.


Just be honest. There’s no need to pretend. You’ll thank yourself later, and you’ll definitely be happier.


  1. Be healthy (and get used to it).


This tends to be on everyone’s resolutions every year. Getting started is really the most difficult part. But once you get over that hurdle, you can develop healthy habits.


Focus on improving your diet just slightly but do it continuously. Start a simple form of exercise—something as easy as an extra walk around the block. Then incorporate this in your daily routine. You’ll eventually get used to it.


  1. Build and hold on to real relationships.


Trivialities cloud your judgment so that more important things just take a back seat. And, as they say, no one is ever too busy; it’s simply about prioritizing.


So, make time for relationships because even when everything else disappears, the people who love and care for you will stick around. If you’re going to spend time with anyone, spend time with those who love you most.


One more thing: Let go of unhealthy relationships. You know which ones of those are. If they’re not doing you any good, they don’t deserve your precious time and effort.


  1. Always check your New Year’s resolutions; make a timeline.


Writing your New Year’s resolutions does not end at, well, writing them. You have to check things off your list.


Don’t stuff your list into a folder that will be buried beneath school papers as the days roll along. Keep it where you’ll see it. Keep it where it will always remind you of a good year ahead.


You can even make a timeline for yourself. Maybe, by the end of summer, you should already be jogging around the village twice a week. It’s all up to you.


Strategize on how you can make 2015 the year you will finally complete all your resolutions.


Nothing will make you feel as successful and fulfilled as finishing what you’ve started.

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