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OCTOBER 27, 2022

In the same spirit of the message of His Holiness Pope Francis, this timeless advice springs from the deepest foundation of wellness, which unifies three pillars—body, mind and spirit.


What you think, what you feel and what you do must move in harmony. Your mind, your heart and your hands will determine who you are and what you will become.


What you think


As the master-control and command center of the body, the mind—which is a production house of the thought processes of the brain—impacts dramatically on the state of one’s health.


The connection between the mind and the body is so crucial that if you are reading this right now, already, there will be a paradigm shift in the way you see things from now on after you realize this basic truth: What you think will become, and whatever thoughts occupy your mind will occupy your life.


In short, as you think, so shall it be.


How is this possible? Neuroscientists believe that the average person uses only 10 percent of the capacity of his/her mind. What if you can increase this average capacity? Already, the existing 10 percent has proven the power of the mind over the body. Thus, the expression mind over matter.


The brain, when programmed to think in a certain way, can influence the body through the mini-programming of the trillions of cells via the brain’s neurons to the different cells of every organ. Therefore, there is cell talk.


To the question, what are the cells talking about, the answer is, whatever you are thinking!


Resolution: Beginning today, think positive. Think life-affirming thoughts. Think happy and beautiful.


What you feel


One might ask, where exactly does the feeling heart reside? Is it in the actual organ, the brain, the mind?


Baffled over trying to find a location for emotions, I asked mind development expert Jimmy Licauco.


He referred me to the basic beliefs of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist in the early 1990s who advised that if one truly wished to learn about the human psyche, it would be better learned from life than from books. In short, one must be willing to be led by the human heart.


To this day, psychologists continue to debate about the realm of the heart. But it seems that, no matter how you try to define it, the more it becomes indefinable.


To feel, after all, is not a function of reason, neuroscientists say.


And yet there are those who believe that to love someone is a decision. As the famous line goes: The heart has reasons that reason cannot understand.


So, who is the wiser by choosing the head to rule the heart, or the heart to rule the head?


Whatever the answer, one thing is clear—to love is something organic, natural and instinctive. By using your heart to lead the way, an unstudied, unscripted, undirected flow of energies will move you towards kindness, forgiveness and generosity.


Resolution: Beginning today, you will nurture only happy feelings.


What you do


It is only logical that what the heart feels, the mind will process, and send out a call to action. The “doing” part of any desire, dream or goal is what spells the difference between success and failure.


And yet, without the desire of the heart, or the commitment of the mind, failure is guaranteed. Indeed, the three vital components of wellness must be present if one has health goals in mind.


Transcending the bounds of wellness, Pope Francis’ wisdom constitutes a prescription for life for everyone. A genuineness of heart and mind guarantees a successful life, when led by grace.


This week’s affirmation: “I think well, feel well, and do well.”

Love and light!


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