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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Is it truly a race against time when aging is the issue?

More serious than the actual slow but deliberate deterioration of the body is the unfelt but gradual increase of inflammation of internal organs, which causes aging.

Suzanne Somers’ book “Bombshell” offers surprising medical and natural approaches that are able to redefine aging.


Somers challenges readers to replace the typical image of a silver-haired couple holding hands while seated on a park bench with a more dynamic duo engaging in either a morning jog or ballroom dancing.

Based on interviews with medical experts in anti-aging, endocrinology, cardiology, oncology and nutrition, Somers came up with these age-reversal tips:

1) Take melatonin every night before sleeping. The recommended dosage is anywhere from 1 mg to 3 mg. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep. Anything less will cause you to undersleep.

2) Consider taking GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a chemical the brain makes to relieve anxiety, improve one’s mood, reduce symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), help burn fat, stabilize blood pressure and relieve pain.
If you experience mind-alertness—sleepy but the mind still awake—then a little GABA will calm the brain to allow you to sleep.

3) At least two hours before bedtime, avoid writing your to-do list for the following day. Do this checklist at the office before calling it a day. Don’t stress yourself at home.

4) To replace your diminishing and declining hormones, consult an endocrinologist. Don’t be in denial about this. Hormones deteriorate after age 30.

5) Relax before sleeping. A horror or action film won’t help. Try a hot bath mixed with Epsom salts or sea salt twice a week to calm down.

Drink 8-15 (if you can) glasses of water daily.

6) Go organic with your food intake. Avoid fruits and vegetables laced with pesticides and preservatives. When you visit an organic market, make sure the goods are really organic. It is best if you know the producer or farmer selling the product.

7) Use organic cosmetics. If an organic line isn’t available, look for an all-natural line that uses minimal chemicals.

8) A simple blood test will determine your vitamin and mineral deficiency. Ask your doctor. Any vitamin deficiency can lead to a body that is not functioning at optimum levels. One way to determine if you are less than perfect is your energy level.

9) Try to detoxify your home by removing all chemical-based household cleaning agents and laundry products. Maybe even your bath soap is loaded with chemicals. Examine carefully its ingredients.

10) Have a hormone test. Know where your levels are of the following: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, HGH, thyroid adrenals, cortisol or insulin. Once you know your deficiencies, your doctor can prescribe HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Instead of synthetic or chemical-based HRT, go for plant-based BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy).

11) To heal the lining of your gut, take glutamine powder. Glutamine is an amino acid that affects the processes of growth and function of cells in the stomach and intestines.

12) Adopt an anti-inflammatory food regimen. A diet filled with nutritious food will lead to a healthier and stronger body.

13) Add natural fiber to your diet. A generous helping of vegetables and fruits may not be enough. Consider psylium or other vegetable fiber supplements.

14) Take a generous dosage of vitamin C daily. This vitamin is a must.

15) Add extra minerals (especially the ones you lack daily).

16) Exercise daily, even for 15 minutes.

17) Unless absolutely necessary, minimize the use of pharmaceutical drugs. (There are times, however, when this cannot be helped, like in an emergency situation like severe bacterial infection.)

18) Look into nanotechnology, especially the use of nondrug patches.

Digestive enzymes

This is my personal input. Over the years, the body produces less stomach acids for proper digestion and absorption.
Take one to two capsules of digestive enzymes (vegetarian capsules) containing Betaine + Pepsin or a combination of pancreatin glutamic acid and acidophilus (good bacteria). There are several products in the market today.

This week’s affirmation:

“Youthfulness is a state of mind. Therefore, my mind chooses to be young.”

Love and light!

Next week: Part II, more age reversal regimens

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