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OCTOBER 27, 2022

SCOUT editor in chief Jed Gregorio
SCOUT editor in chief Jed Gregorio
SCOUT editor in chief Jed Gregorio

Scout, Hinge Inquirer Publications’ youth magazine, is undergoing a makeover.


Publisher Bea Ledesma has appointed a new editor in chief, 24-year-old Jed Gregorio. In this interview, he explains why Scout is a worthwhile read.


What were the things going through your mind when brainstorming about changing Scout?


Changing Scout isn’t the plan. It’s the same Scout that’s fun, fresh, creative, inspiring. More than thinking about changes, I was more conscious about not being shackled by a format. When I first met the team, I said, “Think about everything you know about magazines—and forget them.”


How are you getting along with your new team?


“WE HAVE a strong following, but we want to reach more audiences.”
“WE HAVE a strong following, but we want to reach more audiences.”

I’m literally the new kid in class. The team has already worked on several issues the past year, so it knows how production works. The thing about making a magazine is that it’s not just about producing content. It’s complex brand management that also deals with marketing, distribution, etc. I can’t do it alone. The team is very competent, everyone’s young and driven.


What’s the best thing about heading a magazine like Scout?

There is nothing else like Scout. The title is very young but it’s already well-known, and we’re backed by the most reputable publisher in the industry. We also have the trust of young contributors in the country today, so we have access and resources that other titles don’t. The magazine format has its limits, but the possibilities are also endless. There’s no other format more legitimate, articulate and engaging than print.


What do you think is the most common mistake editors make when building concepts and stories?


Good editors don’t make mistakes. They know what to do from the beginning… and how to troubleshoot along the way.

A PREVIEW of the new Scout coming in March.
A PREVIEW of the new Scout coming in March.


What are the biggest challenges for Scout, and how do you plan to deal with them?


We have a strong following, but we want to reach more audiences. Not so much for the sake of brand expansion, but for our readers—to be able to produce stories that are more inclusive and far-reaching… We want Scout to be that nudge to go on an adventure, try something new, have fun, live life.


What’s your edge that you think will help Scout gain a fresh perspective?


Me, personally? Not much. I’m just like everyone else. I don’t have special powers. (Laughs) But I make decisions fast. I know when and when not to stress. I guess it’s helpful to the people I work with. And I think that will reflect in the output.


AMAKEOVER is underway for Scout magazine.
AMAKEOVER is underway for Scout magazine.

In the local magazine landscape, what is the gap that Scout will fill?


There are other magazines that are supposedly made for young people, but I don’t know… it will take me forever if I nitpick. And I personally make it a point not to occupy myself too much with what other people are doing. Scout is distributed in targeted communities and it’s free! That alone gives it a special edge. We’re not preoccupied with questions like which celebrity will sell more copies and other concerns of common magazines. When we put someone on the cover, it’s because he or she has legitimate reason to be there.


What is the most common misconception about today’s youth? How will the new Scout address that?


I think young influencers today are more creative, more outgoing, more different, more unexpected than they have ever been. We’re not making a magazine for them. Scout creates them.


Scout FAQs

IDEAS are translated into creative imagery.
IDEAS are translated into creative imagery.


What is Scout?


Scout is a magazine made for young people by young people. In the digital generation where one’s voice can be easily lost, Scout is a trusted, legitimate platform for the young and talented.


Where can I find Scout?


Scout, which has a print run of 15,000 copies, can be found in schools, campus residences, surrounding condominiums and dormitories (Admu, UP, DLSU, CSB), food chains and coffee shops (Starbucks, Bo’s Coffee, Toby’s Estate, etc.), salons (Bench Fix) and apparel stores (Artwork, Bleach, Heima, Soma Stores).


AMAGAZINE is not just about producing content; it’s a complex brandmanagement.
A MAGAZINE is not just about producing content; it’s a complex brandmanagement.

How can I work with Scout?


Scout accepts contributing writers, photographers, graphic artists, illustrators and interns.


E-mail resume and sample work to scoutmag@hip.ph

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