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OCTOBER 27, 2022

PORTFOLIO. Portable office for the career girl by Versace
Salvatore Ferragamo knitting bag and Gucci thick-strap purse
SALVATORE Ferragamo’s jute-and-linen knitting bag with fringed edges; Gucci’s retweaked ’70s monogrammed flap bag with red-and-green canvas straps PHOTOS FROM STYLE.COM

The trophy “It” bag became passé and a pariah in 2009, when the global financial meltdown made it vulgar and politically incorrect. But in fashion, what goes around comes around, so we’re witnessing the comeback of the designer bag. It is a low-key comeback, though.

Chloe leather purse
COIN PURSE. Chloe’s tiny mustard leather purse

This year the designer bag is small, almost minuscule, compared with the huge in-your-face bags that fashion victims positioned in front of their bodies to hide their flab and flaunt the cost of luxury bags just a few years ago.

PORTFOLIO. Portable office for the career girl by Versace
PORTFOLIO. Portable office for the career girl by Versace

Suddenly, bag designers have learned new ways to entice clients back. Call it rebranding, but today’s luxury bags must look well under the radar and not just be noticed just because they cost a fortune.

Today’s luxury brand bags have assumed anonymous, even androgynous, guises; their luxury is discreet and hidden.

Smart women today do not want logos or designs that are instantly recognizable when choosing a handbag. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, even Hermès are developing new lines that don’t look easily identifiable.

A bagaholic friend is getting rid of her designer bags through eBay. “I don’t want to be categorized,” she explained. “I don’t wish for a stranger to look at me and instantly identify the brand of my bag and know how much I paid for it.”

The recent Pop Art bags from Chanel and Moschino are humorous takes on fast food or supermarket staples. They have wit and self-effacing fun. More important, they make women appear intelligent. Only fashion insiders can identify that the carton of milk with the chain and leather straps is Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld, or the breakfast cereal bag is by Moschino’s Jeremy Scott.

So, eyeball these Summer 2015 designer bags and choose the one which best fits your penchant for invisible luxury. Let your taste identify the new “It” bag.

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