Watch Ben Chan prepare Maisen tonkatsu | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Maisan Tonkatsu
Maisen tonkatsu


Fashion retail icon Ben Chan had a first-time experience last week in Aoyama, Tokyo, that had nothing to do with style or clothes. In the kitchen of Maisen, the restaurant chain famous for its tonkatsu, Chan tried preparing the pork for frying.

Tonkatsu Maisen’s veteran chef guided Chan in laying the pork slab on a tray of Maisen’s special breadcrumbs (panko), covering it evenly and meticulously, then putting it into the pan of oil formulated specifically for Maisen.

It was a fun learning experience for Chan and the media group which Suyen Corp. brought to Tokyo and Osaka to visit the restaurants/food brands which the country’s leading retail brand will bring to Metro Manila this year.

Suyen, the firm behind iconic brand Bench, is bringing in, all from Japan, aside from Maisen, Pablo which is making waves in Tokyo for its cheese tart, and Marugame Seimen’s famous udon shops.

The openings of these restaurants and cafes will be staggered through 2015 in major malls.

After it brought in St. Marc Cafe last year, which immediately became famous for its chococro, Suyen obviously got its sweet taste of success, and is committing more and more to food retail.

2015 is turning out to be a sweet yummy year for Chan and his family Virgilio and Nenita Lim who are behind Suyen.