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Shoot a funny Instagram pic, win a new phone

O+ USA 6-inch smartphone

To join, follow the Instagram accounts @Inquirer2bU and @OplusUSA. Post a photo depicting your epic funny moment. Caption your entry with “I want to level up to O+ Grande 6” HD phone because ______________.” Use the hashtags #OplusUSA, #OplusGrande and #2bUOplusLevelUpToSix, and mention @OplusUSA and @Inquirer2BU. Also include your name and e-mail address. Only one entry per person is permitted, and spamming automatically disqualifies an entry. The contest runs until March 28, 2015.

O+ Grande is one of the newest phones under O+ USA. The phone boasts a 6-inch HD screen that doesn’t require you to zoom in or auto-rotate. You can also enjoy HD films, and read documents and e-mails clearly on the large screen.

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