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OCTOBER 27, 2022

After reading three versions of the Christian Bible (King James, the New Revised Standard and the Jerusalem Bible), not from a religious point of view but from esoteric knowledge and phenomena, I have realized that many of the words of Jesus have at least two meanings—the exoteric or outer meaning, and the esoteric or hidden meaning.

This is why it is difficult to find two people agreeing on what Jesus was really trying to say. His teachings can be interpreted literally, metaphorically, psychologically or symbolically.

One of Jesus’ statements that challenged me to decipher its meaning is, “Everything hidden will be revealed.”

We find this passage in Matthew (10:26): “For nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret will not become known.”


Could Jesus be referring to the Eastern concept of or belief in the so-called “Akashic Record,” which is a record of everything that has taken place on earth and written, in the words of the American psychic Edgar Cayce, in “the skin of time and space”?

The concept of the “Akasha” is difficult to explain and understand from the point of view of Western man because there is no equivalent English word for it.

The best and simplest definition I have come across goes like this: “If we reduce everything to its ultimate component or substance, what will be left is the Akasha.”

I get the impression that the Akasha is even more fundamental than the smallest quantum particle of matter. It does not belong to the physical world, but to the spiritual or nonmaterial world.

Detailed information

Everything we think, feel, say and do is recorded or filed in the Akashic Record, and it cannot be erased.

Perhaps this is also what the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam meant when it said: “The Moving Finger writes and having writ moves on; nor all your Piety nor Wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your Tears wash out a word of it.”

And so it stays recorded and can be accessed by a powerful clairvoyant or psychic like Edgar Cayce.

When he was asked where he got all those detailed information about a person during his thousands of psychic readings done while in a trance, Cayce replied that he obtained them from the person’s subconscious mind and from the Akashic Record.

Book of Life

In my ESP class, I teach participants how to get verifiable information about a person unknown to them by merely holding a personal object (e.g. ring, necklace, earring, key, pendant) belonging to that person. More than 70 percent of the class is able to get exact, sometimes very detailed, facts about the object’s owner. I think these people are able to tap into information recorded psychically or metaphysically in that object.

The only teaching I have found which is somehow similar in concept to the Akashic Record of the East is the Christian belief in the Book of Life which St. Peter is supposed to consult before a soul is admitted to heaven.

The Book of Life is also known as “God’s Book of Remembrance.”

Because of the Akashic Record, there is no such thing as a secret activity, crime or love affair. It is like God’s CCTV installed all around us, running 24 hours a day. Everything hidden will indeed be revealed!

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