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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Your mantra for the week: “I count my blessings and they never end.”


The most empowering belief is the one that affirms that God is within each man. Think about it carefully once you accept that God is within you, which is a simple acknowledgement of Luke’s 17:21: “Behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you.”


I do not understand why the Church has not emphasized this, when in truth the Christ— which is not the family name of Jesus—can also be found within each man. This is what metaphysicians call the Higher Self or the Spirit side, the essence of every human being which Jesus of Nazareth discovered and taught, and through which he was anointed as the Christ.


This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Truly, truly I say to you, he who believes in me shall do the works which I do; and even greater than these things he shall do.”


I believe that if this were given emphasis by the Church from the time it “Christianized” most of the Philippines in 1565, today we would be a first-world country. What our people lack is a sense of worthiness which can empower them to become achievers.


One day I trust we will all be enlightened enough and not try to eliminate poverty, but to change the consciousness that created poverty to begin with. This is a result of our believing that we are sinners, which create a feeling of unworthiness.


Here are some ideas that could help many in making a change in their lives for the better, and would ultimately redound to the improvement of the country’s consciousness as a people.


1) Developing a personal contact and relationship with the God within, like He or She were a best friend, a Counselor, a Director and a Protector. These would, to a very great degree, eliminate many fears (the “baka” and the “eh kung”) and thus create happier and more peaceful lives.


2) Healing and regenerating our own bodies by blessing and improving our physical makeup through proper diet and exercise, and thus demonstrating enthusiasm, zeal and beauty. By the way, the word “jealous God” in the Old Testament was originally “zealous” in Aramaic; the error simply happened with an iota of a dot missing in its translation. Indeed, I can accept a zealous God but never a jealous one.


3) Getting in touch with our spiritual side, which will direct us to our true place in life in which we will do what we love to do—Divinely happy and Divinely prospered.


4) Learning to handle people wisely and justly—wisely meaning to recognize the God within him/her, and justly by not making judgments but simply responding to the uniqueness and preferences of the person.


5) Learning and perfecting a technique for getting a direct personal inspiration to resolve a problem or receive instructions for a specific purpose or desire. This can be discovered by quieting the mind, meditating, contemplating or simply bringing God to mind as often as possible. And, finally, using your mantra beads with a particular mantra related to your concern. “God knows, God shows” is my favorite mantra.


6) Letting go of the past completely. I know that this is more easily said than done. However, one is free to look at the past, but it is strictly prohibited to stare at it, which most people do, therefore finding it difficult to move on. It is not the looking but the staring that causes many diseases in our lives, whether they be mental, emotional or physical.


7) Having a definite plan for the future that would bring you joy in its accomplishment. One of the secrets of longevity is to have something wonderful to look forward to. In our youth, what kept us going was looking forward to what we could accomplish and getting the recognition for our efforts, thus making a difference.



Let us remember that with our awareness of the good, which is synonymous to God within us, we can only be winners. Yes, we are winners. We become sinners only by missing the mark, and the mark is our realization that we are God as ourselves.


A view from Bong


I got the most flattering comments for writing about “The Theory of Everything,” from one of my favorite columnists, Bong Austero, who writes for another publication: “Am really in awe at how you can string together all sorts of topics and temperaments in one column and yet still sound so profound. Of course, I also have great admiration for people who got to finish Hawking’s ‘Brief History of Time.’ I only got through three chapters before having vertigo.”


Sy-Soriano nuptials


Last week I attended the wedding of David Sy and Sabrina Soriano, who truly make one of the nicest-looking couples around town, especially when the bride walked down the nave in her Joel Escobar ensemble, and the groom in his black tuxedo.


The 2 p.m. wedding was held at Santuario de San Antonio, Forbes Park, and the 4:30 p.m. cocktails at the upper lobby of the Manila Peninsula. Dinner followed at the Rigodon Ballroom at 6 p.m.


By the way, David Sy and Gerboa Go are the overall team champions of the Golden Tee golf tournament at the Manila Golf Club. David is as good in his financial work with the family business, which is furniture manufacturing headed by his father, the personable Ben Sy.


Ben said: “I trust that their (David and Sabrina) knowing each other for 10 years will help cement a lifelong relationship.” The bride’s mother, Angela Soriano, who was elegant in purple, agreed emphatically.


Sabrina works as executive search freelancer.


The newlyweds are spending their honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia. May their honey last for many moons.




I like weddings, but I really do not appreciate the contracts that come with them which have no prescription period. I know that you can sue for annulment, but why do couples have to go through all that trouble when both parties can mutually agree that the contract be renewed every year, or every three years like a driver’s license?


I wish marriage commitments would follow the contents of business contracts which stipulate the details of the agreement. I know that the Family Code is followed in the marriage arrangement, but it covers only parental authority and details on how properties of each must be handled.


As my co-detainee in Camp Crame, the erstwhile Haydee Yorac once said: “I don’t see any necessity in getting married when there are no properties involved.”


I agree with her wholeheartedly, and would like to add my two cents’ worth that if you do decide to get married, the following should also be laid down: an agreement of how often one must engage in sex; whether one can walk around the house in threadbare underwear; or should one party be allowed to walk in while one is seated on the “throne”; etc.


Furthermore, the Church claims that whatever God has put together, let no man put asunder. Metaphysically, this only means that what Love has put together, no man can ever put asunder. Try courting a woman who is in love with someone else and let us see whether you can asunder her from the one she loves. When love dies on one side, the marriage has been asundered.


Seek and you will find


In my March 8 column, a photo of Vicki Belo appeared with nothing said about her. It was due to space constraints that the following was edited out: “Vicki Belo, who looks like she has ‘belo-ed’ herself, excellently asks, “Why do people keep asking me, ‘Where is Hayden?’” Naturally, he is playing hayden-seek.


Soul choices


The Child Protection Network (CPN) and Philippine Tatler, through its president Irene Francisco, invited us to their 2015 benefit event to uplift and protect abused children. The invitation promised great fun, food and wine, and it lived up to its word.


The benefit was made possible by Fila, Raffles, Fairmont Makati and Alice Eduardo’s Sta. Elena Construction.


“Life is not fair,” the CPN initially says in its program. I will have to disagree. I believe all of humanity are created equal, but are not born equal as can be easily discerned. Some are born poor, some rich, some handicapped, some more talented, some in the East, some in the West, some gay, some straight, which are all soul choices. Let me repeat—soul choices, and not present conscious decisions.


These are all due to karma, both good and bad, that comes from past life experiences. However, this does not mean that those born more blessed cannot help those who are at present in less fortunate circumstances. I consider this gesture a part of our planting the good, which returns to us one way or the other.


An auction followed the sumptuous dinner, with the following bidders going home triumphant: Aivee Teo, José Ibazeta, Wick Veloso, Enrique Razon and Randy Francisco.


The emcees for the evening were Johnny Velasquez and Katrina Legarda, who did a stunningly professional hosting. Mons Romulo and Randy assisted them in their special prizes portion. Thank you to all those who supported the CPN’s benefit 2015. You all know that as you sow, so shall you reap.

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