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OCTOBER 27, 2022

IT’S more fun?
There was turmoil in Makati. Hope it’s over now. Soldiers and policemen were called to keep the peace. What peace?
People seemed to be gearing up for war, an all-or-nothing attitude, defying law and snubbing order. But we all know that all the posturing and posing are purely political. And this is only a prelude to 2016. Ugh.
I watched a slide show online. I was looking for something to rinse off the bad taste in my mouth. I found a wistful, nostalgic piece, set to the music of “In the Still of the Night,” and it made me wish we had stayed “stuck in the ’50s.” Hey, I’d be happy stuck in the ’30s. But like the old newsreel used to say: “Time marches on.” Pity!
About pageants
I don’t watch beauty pageants. It is usually a delayed telecast, and before it gets to its exciting finale, someone already posts the results on Facebook, ruining whatever little excitement it has managed to drum up.
But the other night I stayed up to watch almost all of it.
It was hard to find favorites. The contestants were beautiful! All of them had tiny waists, were well endowed without spilling over, and oh their lustrous hair.
My daughter was watching with me and immediately picked no. 10, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, and after making her choice decided to go to bed in preparation for an early Monday.
My favorite was no. 34, Teresita Ssen Marquez. What a beautiful young woman. And she gave such a great answer. She said, “Filipinos have integrity and passion. If we unite we can achieve peace.” But she didn’t win. Maybe next time?
Congratulations to Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe Philippines. She has beauty, brains and a great personality. And she was charming on “Aquino and Abunda” Tuesday night as she denied the rumor of backstage sabotage, and shyly but cleverly hedged (it seemed to me) Kris’ inquiry, “Are you dating my brother?”
The aftermath
One good thing that came out of this recent pageant is the news that Filipino designers are now welcome to “dress” our beauty queens for future Binibini competitions. Hallelujah!
Not so good is the way social media took off with barbs against TV celebrity Toni Gonzaga.
I think she is one of our best hosts today. But she had been asked to lighten up the atmosphere of the pageant. She tried.
I will agree that the Q and A portion was a little uncomfortable. Maybe she missed the mark. That happens. But that it cost someone the crown? I think that is stretching it too far. It was a tough contest from the get-go.
Hosting is not easy. You worry about what to say and how to say it. Scripts are sometimes submitted just before show time. Last minute changes, which are par for the course, can be critical, often deadly. Not all our stars, no matter how talented, have the gift of ad lib.
There is a tendency to ramble. Some hosts talk too much to avoid “dead air.” That dreadful silence could mean you forgot your lines or lost your place in the script. If there’s a glitch in the teleprompter you must improvise. And if you can’t wing it, you flub and fluster.
Those are awkward moments for a host. To cover up she tries to be glib, cracks a joke and often ends up with foot in mouth.
But that was not the problem on Coronation Night. If I had to describe it, I would say that some of her quips were a bit out of place.
Whatever. She has explained and apologized. And no matter what happened, it cannot detract one iota from her talent and credibility as host, singer, actress, endorser, and I must add, role model for our budding young stars and her enormous following. Go Celestine!

These vagabond shoes
Good news! After 18 years, Philippine Airlines has resumed flights to New York. They take off four times a week from Manila, via Vancouver to JFK. Step aside, folks, here comes Mama!
Holy Week
I look forward to “Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross,” now on its eighth year. It is a beautiful and deeply moving experience.
“Walkway” opens at the Bonifacio High Street Mall Grounds (BGC) on Palm Sunday, March 29. It will be on until Easter Sunday, April 5, from 11a.m. to 11 p.m.

There will be free concerts by Mutemath and Kyekye, two well-known bands from Portland, on March 31 and April 5 respectively at 7 p.m. at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater.

“Walkway” is an artistic and interactive exhibit designed to challenge the way you see the events that surrounded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Church Simplified, organizers of “Walkway,” explain:
“In the past, we tried to approach the Passion from Jesus’ point of view, what he was feeling, his thoughts, his agony. Today we are telling the story from the perspective of the other characters, hoping that we can see and recognize ourselves in them, because in a lot of ways, we are them!
“And the main message was and still is: Whoever you are, whoever it is you identify with, whether it is Pilate, Peter, Mary, or Barabbas, remember that Jesus came to take our place, yours and mine, for all of us.”
See you at “Walkway.” Don’t miss it!