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Lorraine Lisen, soprano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

‘Mad About Mozart: Sex, seduction, death, transcendence’ runs April 22


Lorraine Lisen, soprano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Lorraine Lisen, soprano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—In the theater, the term “Black Box” refers to a space devoted where daring experiments and new visions are tested through performance. Performers who choose to go and perform in a black box are usually the ones with the most open hearts and sincere desire to hone their talent.


With the success of Philippine Opera Company’s Young Artists Black Box Series now on its second season, the audience will witness a bolder and braver take on Mozart’s masterpieces in “Mad About Mozart: Sex, Seduction, Death, and Transcendence”, this time in collaboration with RankOne Productions.


“Mad About Mozart: Sex, Seduction, Death, and Transcendence” — will present excerpts from the seminal operas and oratorios of Mozart integrated with dance, stream of consciousness narrative, and mixed media.


All performers—singers, dancers, actors, and musicians—will be integrated with the audience for an all-immersive 360-degree black box theatre experience. Mozart’s music is alternatingly sacred and profane, exploring the perennial conflict between the id, the ego, and the super ego. Ultimately, the programming of the scenes will demonstrate that we can attain a state of classical ‘balance’ and inner peace by exploring the layered dimensions of dark and light.


As RankOne President/ Executive Creative Director Jon Meer Vera Perez says, the show is, “An exploration of the subversive themes in the seminal operatic works of Mozart; by journeying into the shadow world does one enter into the full grace of Light and Resurrection.”


The music will be presented in a contemporary setting, with modern and contemporary imagery, to challenge our perceptions of classical music in the 21st century. Mozart’s themes, both the sacred and the profane, are as relevant in 2015 as they were in 1791 when he died, giving us extraordinary insight into how we manage our lives through the choices that we make, and how those actions affect our relationships and the world around us.


Jonathan Wagner, baritone. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
Jonathan Wagner, baritone. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Ultimately, we only find peace by acknowledging our weaknesses, resolving to learn from our mistakes, and inevitably surrendering to the healing power of forgiveness and eternal Love.


The Young Artists Series provides a professional training ground for young classical singers in the art and craft of stage performance. It gives them the opportunity to integrate singing with stage acting, diction, repertoire, script analysis, dance & movement, and understand better the use of production elements. The goal is to furnish them with a solid foundation on which to build a sustainable performance career.


“We are very happy and excited to be collaborating with RankOne Productions because we have the same vision and objectives in bringing opera to a different perspective and to attract a wider audience to appreciate classical music especially opera. We were surprised with the result of the YAS concept we didn’t expect it to ‘evolve’ and get ‘bigger’.


“Before it just started as a soiree with only 20 people in the hall then we decided to enhance the programs by engaging the artists in more creative work now we have more than a hundred who watches YAS,” said Philippine Opera Company’s artistic and managing director, Karla Gutierrez.


RankOne Productions, a full mixed media production house, is one of the most dynamic players in multimedia productions in the Philippines and internationally. RankOne strives to provide innovative solutions by which a vision can retain its artistic merit while gaining greater commercial value, working tirelessly to provide alternative creative and technical solutions by which their clients can effectively launch their creative ideas into the full power of the digital age.


International artist Stephanie Reese, soprano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
International artist Stephanie Reese, soprano. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

“Mad About Mozart” stars Karla Gutierrez, Tricia Amper Jimenez, Lorraine Lisen, Joseleo Logdat, Bernadette Mamauag, Krissan Manikan, Gabri Dolor Panlilio, Nomer Son, Jurgen Unterburg with RankOne guest performers Christine Crame, Anton Ferrer, Wesley Pereira, Jon Meer Vera Perez, Stephanie Reese and Jonathan Wagner.


“Mad About Mozart” will be held on April 22, 7 pm at the Opera Haus (3657 Bautista St. Palanan, Makati).


Directed by award-winning director and writer, Floy Quintos with Jon Meer Vera Perez as music director and photography/creative design by Ash Reginald Evasco.


For inquiries call Philippine Opera Company at 822-9609 or 0917-5272880 or follow us on Facebook.