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OCTOBER 27, 2022

If you and I could sit down to talk about the ways of wellness, we would need more than one lengthy conversation.Demand for a live audience interaction is growing. Eventually, an event will be organized. In the meantime, allow this column to suffice.

Demand for a live audience interaction is growing. Eventually, an event will be organized. In the meantime, allow this column to suffice.

Is it really important to get sun exposure?

This is so relevant since it is summer. While you cannot avoid the sunshine from touching your skin, make sure it isn’t noonday sun.


If you cannot help it, wear/bring some kind of protection—an umbrella, a sun hat, sunblock lotion or long-sleeve shirts.


Yes, the sun is beneficial for you, but only in the early morning hours from sunrise to 8 a.m., and from 5 p.m. onwards.

This is the stance of conservative dermatologists who warn against overexposure to UVA, UVB and UVC radiation from the sun.


The result of overexposure (more than 20 minutes) is damaging to the skin. Continuous exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging, deep wrinkles and even skin cancer.


Here are some important do’s:


  1. Drink water before sun exposure. Two to three glasses of clean water is advised.


  1. Make sure you have already taken 500-1,000 mg of vitamin C (usually during breakfast).


Beauty trivia: If vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin, then vitamin C is the natural sunblock vitamin. This potent vitamin prevents skin damage and the results of sun exposure like age spots and wrinkling. There are some topical products in the market today with vitamin C.


  1. Within eight hours of sun exposure, application of vitamin E oil can reduce skin inflammation and post-sun damage. Vitamin E capsules can be pricked.


One effective capsule is called Porcelana, a mixture of coconut oil, vitamin E and extract of white lily. Upon application it rehydrates dry, wrinkled skin, especially under the eyes (Nutramedica tel. 4114448, 3764609) .


It comes in small, white pearl capsules which deliver the serum drop by drop.


No to diuretics


What can I do to remove the manas or bloatedness from my body?

Bloatedness or manas is a sign that you are retaining more water than you are expelling. Whatever the reason, do not reach out for a diuretic pill. I have known cases of desperate women downing mysterious and exotic pills only to end up in the emergency room for palpitations, weakness and partial paralysis.


Please answer these questions:

  • Is your salt intake high?
  • Do you drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily?


  • Is your carbohydrate intake high?


Just by reading these questions above, you will already realize there are things you are doing wrong.


A lifestyle devoid of exercise, compounded with a diet high on carbohydrates and salt but low on water, will contribute to your problem. It is best to consult your doctor.

One can start with moderate exercise. Go for a sauna once weekly. You must sweat!


Cut back on sodium. Or switch to sea salt instead of commercial salt. Reduce your carbo intake. Within one week you will see a dramatic and visible difference.


I am so sickly. Every three months, I catch a cold and the flu. Help!

It seems to me that your body is crying out for help. Fever is a sign that your immune system is fighting an invader, whether a bacteria or virus.


A cold is a symptom of dehydration, allergy and a threatened immune system.


I don’t need to be a doctor to know that your immune system needs help. There are so many environmental factors that contribute to your condition, like allergens in your home. These could include dust mites hiding in your mattress, fungus thriving inside the aircon unit, animal dander, and chemicals in your detergent.


Also consider poor nutrition, lack of sleep, an unhealthy lifestyle and stress.


It’s time to focus on yourself. Have a blood exam under the supervision of a health clinic. Then take it from there.


For now, go on a super detoxification cleanse. Start with eight to 15 glasses of water daily, get seven to eight hours of sleep, increase vitamin C intake, and manage your stress levels.


Next week’s column is on cleansing and detoxification.

This week’s affirmation: “I am a new me!”

Love and light!


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